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The Unofficial CB Radio Chat website centered around its users, community & experience. CB Radio Chat is a Android Voice Chat Application. The original idea was to compile a general reference guide. Consisting of a User List of all known Users that have submitted their talked on this catchy android app at one time or another. The site would not be complete without a Crew / Family List. Crews are  users that have come to together to form groups/families, signified by their “crew tag”. A work in progress is always in place compiling a reference of CBRC slang or “terminology”. Slang being catch phrases that are unique to the Android Voice Chat App community and a common to hear around the channels. You can find the CB Radio Chat Newsroom or Blog here which focuses on providing a new bias newsroom, highlighting significant happenings, quirks found in this unique loyal community or simply dialogue on the app itself. Be sure to join the discussion and register on the CB Radio Chat Forums. Although CB Radio Chat iPhone or Symbian is not available, some look forward to it. Be sure to check out the CB Chat history page as I was able to source some cool pictures of Version 1.3 interface (the good old days). Apologies are offered if your name is not listed in the user list. Please be sure to submit your username or crew via one of the submission forms or e-mail Mobile 3.14 directly at [email protected] . Cheers!

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