The Only CB Radio Chat Website On The Internet Built On The Community & Its Users. CB Chat Is Has Created One of The Most Vibrant Alt Humor Community on the Internet.

The Unofficial CB Radio Chat website centered around its users, community & experience. CB Radio Chat is an Android & now Apple iPhone Voice Chat Application. Much of the site is centered around EN1 (Originally Channel 1) The original idea of this site was to compile a general reference guide & a historical reference. Which focuses on highlighting significant happenings, quirks found in this unique loyal community or simply dialogue on the app itself. Be sure to check out the CB Chat history page as I was able to source some cool pictures of Version 1.3 interface (the good old days). If your name is not listed in the user list, reach out to the Admin on EN1 as I have long stopped updating this due to time restraints. Please be sure to submit any content, usernames or crew via one of the submission forms or e-mail mobile3.14 directly at 314 _at_ . Cheers!

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