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CB Radio Chat: What is it?

CB Radio Chat is a free Android voice chat application which developed & maintained by a world class Mobile App developer based in Poland. The developer is known as Plugmind. The official website describes it as a free entairtaining live voice communicator/messenger with people around the world at high audio quality. No registration required and the app has a small memory footprint.

A Quick Explanation of Android:

If you know anything about the Android Operation system, you know that Android is based and powered by a modified version of a Linux Kernel.  . As an operating system is basically a set of rules and function, applications/apps are relient upon these rules and conditions and are bundled or formatted in a specific file extension known as a, APK or Android Application Package File.

Technical Explanation of CB Radio Chat:

The foundation of the application’s architecture runs on a programming language called Java (among others) High performance Android applications, typically rely heavily on Android App engine, some sort of database. Plugmind spared no expense in providing the users of CB Radio Chat with a clean, simple and beautiful looking user interface.

How Does CB Radio Chat Actually Work On The Backend?

When you first turn the app on, it checks to make sure you have internet connectivity. It makes contact with a server on port 80(source:PLUGMIND). When you push the blue button to talk, the application starts a recording activity caputuring your message. Simultaneously your message is undergoing compression it into a specific audio format. Immediately your message is sent over the internet to an app engine cloud server. The unique & addictive nature of this application is the queuing algorithm. It is here where messages are sorted, time stamped & organized in a database (thanks to the queuing algorithm). As your voice message is queue it is prioritized seamlessly accordingly to other incoming voice traffic.So much more to be said but PLUGMIND wont comment much on the matter or any matter actually.

When you receive other users voice messages, you recieve them in batches(source:PLUGMIND). Batching data is a common day practice in data transfer to minimize the number of in and out response the “machines” have to make. Sometimes  a user will see the “TRANSFERING DATA” dialogue. Momentarily this happens while the application is resolving a HTTP connection to fetch another batch of voice messages. You will also see Transferring data if your internet connection is lagging. Its good to know that the app is reliant heavily reliant upon latency of your internet connection(source:PLUGMIND). The “smaller” the latency the better. Plugmind has reported that each second of voice transmission =1.9KB (Kilobytes) of Data (and now displays this fact the first time you open the application upon download). The app works well at 8 KB/s (kilobyte per second) speed.

Simple Explanation of CB Radio Chat:

It is a World Class, Worldwide voice messaging system.The user interface of this application consists of; The main “Talk Screen”, Current User List Box & Menu Options. The CB Radio Chat user interface is designed in a beautiful yet simplistic way, making it easy for anyone to learn how to start using the app.

You press the “Blue Button” to talk  & are given an allotted amount of time to talk (Extended Talk time for CB Radio Chat PRO apk!).  CB Radio Chat gives users the ability to skip/ pass other users messages & also block a users for a specified amount of time. Before using the app you should read the terms and conditions as there is an “Report Abuse” button.

The application provides users the choice between different channels or rooms as well as catering to a broad range of language specific channels. A user has the ability to choose the range of talk/recieve. A user can talk: Worldwide, Continent, 1000km | 620 miles, 400 km | 250 miles, 200 km | 125 miles, 100 km | 60 miles, 50 km | 30 miles, 20 km | 10 miles. Be sure to check out the official CB Radio Chat Website’s FAQ for official answers to questions.

CB Radio Chat Pro Version:

The application has a paid version called PRO. Not only does it cost 1 EURO per month (payments are faciliated via Google Play Subscriptions) but it gives support to the developer. Some additional features that any  regular user would find valuable include;(Sourced via: http://www.cbradiochat.net/ )

  • Much longer talk time
  • 40 channels (extra 13 channels)
  • Iniate Private Message Feature
  • No ads
  • Display custom picture on the Blue Button/ Record button
  • App does not go foreground automatically
  • Better Queue Priority
  • User blocking time up to 12h


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