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Channel 1’s infamous big gun, American Governor, also known as “———-AMG”,  is responsible for the disabling of fine locations in the app. Allegedly, AMG, which at the time was known as “Spaceman”, feverishly made threats to anyone and everybody. He threatened to hunt people down, and stab them, while leaving their body their to rot. It is highly suspected and confirmed by an anonymous source that the developer of the app not only witnessed this behavior but also received a constant stream of fearful emails (mostly from women, children and weak hands) on the matter. The developer later contacted a lawyer specializing in the realm of internet technologies and did away with fine locations all together. So next time you come across American Governor on Channel 1, and fall within his graces not to be red x’ed. Make sure you thank him for the disabling of this feature in the app.


Months prior to CB Radio Chat’s 3 year birthday, the community was met with a major software update. The major difference was the locations of users displayed in the box  went from fine location to coarse, meaning you could only see what country they were from. Just months prior to this a user by the name of Spaceman (that now goes by the name as American Govenor, ) frequented the application. He was repetitively heard telling people that he was going to find them and stab them. “Im going to stab you” “I am going to hunt you down and then im going to stab you and walk away” was another phrase that you would hear him repeating over and over. Well as you could imagine, some took this as the usual Channel 1 banter, others perceived it as OCD induced trolling while others feared for their life. When I interviewed American Governor, I asked him if he ever  carried through with his threats. AMG would only say that “its up to you to decide, but anyone that was tracked down and stabbed would not live to tell about it”. Chilling words to say the least. CB Rambo or Cold Blooded Killer? You decide.

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We have seen it before and its nothing new under the sun. Its one thing to have a major effect on the community of users that reside in any given channel. We have seen it before. Some that get bragging rights from it and put into the CBRC hall of fame. But when you actually have the ability to actually invoke a response from the developer/creator of the app, to the extent that they have to make changes to the app itself. This is truly profound and really speaks for itself and is taking it to an entirely new level, and an entire new set of bragging rights are acquired. *Disclaimer: This does not include being banned, yeah you provoked enough of a response from the developer that they did not want to hear you on their application anymore. That’s just being unlucky, in the wrong place in the wrong time.  

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