Posted by & filed under Community. from Tennessee AKA Blackcracker has reported and confirmed that as of Tuesday, July 24th, he has been Banned from CB Radio Chat.

Update July 25thBlackcracker reported that PLUGMIND contacted him in regards to his ban. PLUGMIND only stated that he was banned from CB Radio Chat for Break the Terms and Conditions. Blackcracker also reported that both of his spruced up Androids were banned.


Who is Blackcracker?

If you have spent any time on Channel 1 then you are familiar with the username from Tennessee AKA Blackcracker. Lets rephrase that, very familiar. Whether your a drive by Channel 1 troll, Mic eating Chit chatter, a Gold Status Channel 1 Regular or a Channel 1 TiTan,this name comes with out any unfamiliarity. It its not unfamiliar for a number of reasons. Blackcracker is known for pushing 1-6+ hours of relentless “retaliations” against users that have crossed his boundary and/or disrespected him.  Usually, during these surface to air missile, verbal defenses/offense include a profanity rich sentence structure, (NSFW!) and he usually leaves non-Channel 1 regulars lying in a back alley in a CB bloody pulp. Channel 1 regulars are a hardy group of CB’ers to talk game on. Although there are a few Channel 1 regulars that have achieved “Titan” status, returning applicable hell fire on Blackcracker’s “Gatlin Gun” style attacks. Blackcracker is well known for his heated discussions on; Technology, Metaphysics and other topics that the general channel 1 North American consensus would label as “Controversial”. He enjoys long walks on the beach <—(sorry had to lighten things up a bit, Cheers!) Comment it up people!

Radosław Kaczmarczyk’s Banning Gavel:

Mister Core discusses the banning process in his comment below:

The “Banning Process” remains a lucid mystery among the community of CB Radio Chat. The inconsistencies that are present in it’s system only add to the hint of the app’s anarchy nature.  About a month ago, I inquired with PLUGMIND, with hopes to grasp a better understanding in what was involved in their “system” of banning a user. A user that is breaking the Terms & Conditions of the application.  PLUGMIND was kind and vague in answering my questions. Interesting enough he did comment that they recieve an “enormous amount of e-mails on a daily basis from users writing huge descriptions of scenarios” and why an offending user should be banned. Pozdrawiamy or PLUGMIND commented verbatum “It takes very long time to find that abusive user and verify so that it is confirmed. Red X together with “report abuse” really does the trick if many users use it in the same time.” Now how many users does it take this is still unknown though many people will tell you that the number has increased related to “Report abuse parties” raiding a nemisis.

One Shot, One Kill

Mister Core answers this question in his comment:

—Finally DPMS is a name from Call of Duty and he has NO affiliation to PLUGMIND. He is just some guy who listens as a hobby like some people who listen to police scanners or shortwave. I had cursed him out many times and NEVER got banned. He never talks. Just listens. He is no treat.—

An interesting character sits completely silent on Channel 1 on a daily basis.  Its department of plugmind securityalmost like channel 1’s box would not look the same without them. Their location shows they are in the State of New York, if that is even valid.  Channel 1 regulars believe there is a good chance that they are affiliated with PLUGMIND. Serving as a channel  moderator, users have reported a one word “Yes/No” from this death angel in the sky, so that rules out my theory that they are just a bot. Their username displays as D.P.M.S Matchgrade. Spectators discuss that this stands for “Department of PLUGMIND Security”. May I jest that if DPMS Matchgrade is indeed a Sniper or associate of PLUGMIND, he is a poor sniper and sleeps on the job.  We have CB’ers that will constantly break the terms and conditions on a daily basis remaining unscathed from the barrel of D.P.M.S/ PLUGMIND. While other users will be banned for mild profanity and discussion about their bad case of anal warts.

Get Your Nemisis Banned Today! As Seen On TV!

There has been discussion that a “user” residing in North America, successful had 2 individuals banned by recording their nemesis, whom was breaking the terms and conditions. Later forwarding it over to PLUGMIND. Logically, PLUGMIND would have evidence on hand thus calling for a Ban. The point of all this ramble comes together with an anoymous e-mail I had recieved via the contact form on the site. My first impression was “TROLL” only to learn of Blackcrackers Banning.

Rumor Mill?

The anonymous sender stated in their message that “A number of Channel one’ers” were plotting and conspiring to get BCK Banned by recording breaking TOS and send it in to PLUGMIND, thought you should know”. Hmmm….   What do you think? Do you think Blackcracker was sniped out by D.P.M.S or ratted by recordings?

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    • Mobile 314

      A valid complaint but your actually doing something that other dont do , while they whine and cry about (a user) Just red X and move on. word….

  1. Mister Core

    Well its about time! BCK has been beyond overdue to get banned. He is the biggest violator of Terms and Conditions. I have no remorse for that fudgehead. STICK YOUR BANNED PHONE UP YOUR bbbass AND BLEED OUT YOUR juice FILLED urdle! He is by far public enemy number 1 on channel 1

    As for the banning process, I can shed some light on that subject. It used to be that if 10 or more people reported abuse on one user it would automatically ban them. It was tested and proven to be true on numerous “test” phones. Of course PLUGMIND found out their old system was exploited and fixed it. The only way you get banned is if they are on the channel and listening. This would be fair if it was consistent. The channel will have a stream of fudgeheads out there for days, weeks, months and NO ONE GETS BANNED. But all of a sudden PLUGMIND comes in randomly and people get banned for just using profanity or playing music. Either hold the line ALL of the time or don’t be so strict. I mean you get banned for using ANY profanity. This isn’t Christian chat so WTF. Besides CB is meant for some hash and trash and vulgar language. Did you ever hear the saying “mouth like a trucker” Its just not accurate and obviously it isnt effective because channel 1 is still full of crap talking.

    Finally DPMS is a name from Call of Duty and he has NO affiliation to PLUGMIND. He is just some guy who listens as a hobby like some people who listen to police scanners or shortwave. I had cursed him out many times and NEVER got banned. He never talks. Just listens. He is no treat.

    • Mobile 314

      Excellent content and shortly I will edit this page and reference to it as it pretty much answers all the questions that I posed. Its funny how rumors and bbassumptions like this are generated in the apps ecosystem.

      I agree that BCK is the public enemy #1 on channel 1, ranking among some other unmentioned users. But what I find ironic is that people do not just red X him or at least keep him on the red X. In essence they fuel his fuel is fire. I have often heard you say that this “conflict” / trash talk is what keeps cb chat fun and interesting but not everyone has your mentality core. Most of the people that proclaim BCK as their arch nemisis are legitly annoyed and bothered by him. At least this is what i have gathered or bbassumed. I have noticed the the KUNT crew mange their channel very well. If you enter the room trolling, you will quickly get bored as [email protected] as youll be immediately red X’ed and in a room by yourself.

      In one of my recent articles,booger described much of the same statements of the inconsistencies of their banning system in a comment.
      As you said, the tatakile itself is CB Radio Chat although the Ecosystem of banning is not represented. Why is banning necessary if there is a red x function. Red X censors offending users. Its just ridiculous. I am seriously considering opening up a petatakiion page / board. What you mentioned is true and I hear the discussion all to often. Thanks for commenting.


    I got banned one time for flushing the toilet..I guess PLUGMIND came in for a listen at the (NO PUN) tail end of the flush and was somehow offended….F IT PUN INTENDED…

  3. Solder Boyz

    Mobile314 is a server moderator I think. like he cant ban somebody per say. at least he is not suppose to. hey mobile how did you get a gig like that???

    • solo jb13

      Plug-in please unbanned solo OK, silverbell , og bitch from hell , og bad ass autlaw 1 ,

  4. solo jb13

    Plugmind please unbanned solo OK, silverbell , og bitch from hell , og bad ass autlaw 1 ,




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