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There was a brief article written about CB Radio Chat bans. There is just so much chat about banning and moderators. Its all really funny to be quite honest. The humorous part is stemmed from those that are convinced that certain users possess the capacity to ban someone. As much humor is stemmed from those users, that are low level trolling to the extent that people actually believe them that they have  “Moderator privileges” or even a “CB Radio Chat Moderator Version” of the app. Well for sake of community and sake of publishing some content. Here is an e-mail response from the man himself Plugmind. Straight from the horses mouth. Be sure to click on the image to view a larger size.

 plugmind moderators final

Be sure to check out the most recent video dramatizing a CB Radio Chat Ban –

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your banned
CB Radio Chat Banned is hands down the most talked about subject on CBRC and probably will always be. The two most popular questions/discussions has to be, ‘How do I ban a user on CB Radio Chat?” “How do I get unbanned on CB Chat?” “Why was I Banned?”. Not only is it one of the most discussed but it is probably the most vague & obscure variables on the app. The problem is only compounded due to the fact that there is no true logic behind a user getting banned.

The general trend in bans seem to follow a large batch of users, a clean up of sorts. Other puzzling scenarios include, a mild mannered user gets banned and while this happens a violating user that is loud, vile and vulgar continues in usage. Look this is what we have, this is what we know. There is the terms and conditions and then there is the “Report Abuse” Function. Users break terms and conditions all the time. Its actually difficult not to. Back in the day, if you got enough users to “Report Abuse” on a user, whether they were violating terms and conditions or not they would quickly be banned. This could be called a “Ban Raid“. I cannot remember where I read this, probably in a Google Play comment but Plugmind stated this would not be effective any more. So all we can assume is that if a user gets enough unique “report abuse” checked on them it may draw some attention to them.

How do I get unbanned on CB Radio Chat?

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