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Generation 2.2.x (version 2.2.1 – 2.2.9) presented to us a number of major & interesting evolutions to CB Radio Chat that were both loved & hated. Some major changes to be mentioned include an entirely new User Interface (UI), additional channels & other subtle changes. There are a lot of major things going on in the community at the moment. Some major (EN CH1) actually but I had to get something out to you that was already “locked & loaded and ready to go.

According to the community, Version 2.2.8 ends up being the choice of all the 2.2.x versions. When Plugmind unleashed version 2.2.9, the community was at an uproar as it appeared to be laggy/slugish and just not up to par. Interesting to say the least you had to wait more time in between Blue Bubbles (transmissions). Which leads me to *speculate that the developer made algorithmic changes in how the queuing of the messages are handled. (You can credit this Algorithm that handles this queuing of messages for the addictive nature of this app)  In other words when PLUGMIND unleashed version 2.2.9, the problem was not inherit to this version but due to changes to the math that runs on his side (in the apps background) organizing the queue. *I could and may completely wrong. I say this because version 2.1.x users were also experiencing a lower volume of Blue Buttons per 25 mins. A litteral scarcity of Blue Buttons. People like CH1 EN’s Biker7 actually reached out to PLUGMIND and  2 days later, version 2.3.1 was unveiled and it seemed that it cleared everything up. Maybe more about this will be written later.

CB Radio Chat App Version 2.2.8 manifested as the community choice in January 2015 but what changed in the Generation 2.2.x comparing to past version?


Redesigned User Interface (UI) – The developer of CBRC, PLUGMIND, jumps on board the trendy & prominent “Flat design”. Flat Design is a minimalist UI Design Genre that was pushed via brands like Apple, Facebook & currently trending as a modern standard of App & Web design. A number of colors were tweaked & the actual buttons on the screen were rearranged. The rearranging of buttons seem to cater to the user ergonomics of the app as well as supporting larger screens commonly found on tablets.

Additional English Channels – In reality an entire article needs to be dedicated to this change as it created this Pseudo divide within the community of the app. English has held the overall majority of users in the app & PLUGMIND recognized this. The general English channel was kept, an English United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada & India was created. While most of them sit empty, we did see a large congregation of American users migrate to EN- United States. This was found evident on the Original Gateway Channel of the App (EN). While general EN still thrives, it mainly consists of UK’ers with a handful of OG die hard North American Channel one’ers (hoo raa).

Additional in App Advertisements – Full screen ad when closing the app. Random Full screen ads while app is in use.

File size increased  – Its really not even worth mentioning, it increased by a small margin which is not much but one can assume that the thanks for this file size increase goes out to the additional Ad packs now complied in the app for this. CBRC’s caches lightly increased.. Comparative to other apps on the Google Play store the app should be considered to be on the small side but users running legacy Android versions will notice.

What is your experience with the new versions and what are your thoughts? Share your comment publicly and anonymously in the comments section below!


If you haven’t seen the recent CB Radio Chat Short Film make sure you check it out and send us a like! More videos like this are in the works as time allows.

CB Radio Chat’s: Journey Into The Queue on Channel 1


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This is Version II as the first Version was removed.

Direct Link :

Video’s Table of Contents (Incomplete)

0:23 – Lushy
0:29 – AMG
0:32 – Pathfinder
0:33 – Top Buzz
0:44 – Jarhead
0:47 – Davy Jones (short)
0:50 – mobile
0:58 – ak47
1:03 – Ding Dong
1:06 – Maddog
1:11 – Jbnz (Jbnz Style Song)
1:48 – Riddler UFO
2:21 – Deadhead
2:38 – Public

2:03 – Davy Jones

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LAST EDITED ON: 30/04/15 @1607 UTC
The past couple weeks have been sensational on CB Radio Chat’s infamous channel 1. Lets do a quick and dirty run down in what has occurred.

It was said that the character Public undergoes yet another CB Fallout Patrick Woolhouses Millbanks Australia. Nothing new under the sun wherein the irony is this CB fallout derived from a fall out with long time alliance American Guvnor. For this reason the below text has been strikedout, there is no denying that since then, PUBLIC has completely transformed into one of EN CH1’s Power talkers. An Australian source that requested to be kept anonymous stated “The only reason Public continues to make it into any sort of limelight is because he rides on the coat tails of others. First it was the fall out between Lushy over Kitty. Later he rides the coat tails of American Govnor.”Later Apologies were made to the American Guvnor that were not accepted.


UK Crime Stoppers CB Radio Chat
Lushy was Doxed. This Doxing included full name, a supposed address & his secondary mobile telephone. As time goes on we see that this is really just a war between the North & South of the UK.
Through all of this, it is interesting enough to state, we begin to witness textbook examples in what CyberBullying really is last week. Key players in this Lushy fiasco/banter are; Davy Jones, American Govnor & Public. Key hecklers include Popeye, Ding Dong Brown Jenkins & a slew of Northerner randoms.


ref:Statistics on UK cyberbullying

Lushy fights back & vows for full blown retribution. Calling it “This is End Game-Final Destination”. Lushy could be heard frequently on the channel this week. Some users said this is “a modified version of a meltdown and Lushy is paranoid over all of this. I dont call this Lushy camping out on the channel a meltdown but he appears to be maintaining a sort of “Reputation Management”. Its also interesting to hash this out further that Lushy’s retaliation tactics do not involve the police he stated. Davy Jone’s tactics on the other hand, include the involvement of law enforcement & the public awareness of the resources available to individuals to report crime or suspicious activities. Long time seaman, coal miner & thought leader in vaporizers, Davy Jones cued in and stated “This is the perfect storm”. What that translates as is up to the listener.


ref: Report Crime, Cyberbullying & Antisocialistic behaviour in the UK

public Pat millbanks cb radio chatJust as the seas of channel 1 began to settle and the sun began to rise on the eastern seaboard of North America. A CB sniper was busy throughout the night. Why do I say that? Well Infamous Aussie born and raised user Public, undergoes a partial Doxing on Saturday UTC time. Credit goes to American Govnor on this one, scoring “one for the team” by providing his newly patented “AMG Doxing Services” executing a partial Dox on Public. Does this mean that we can now expect Public to camp the channel for reputation management purposes?
Its amazing to think about of this noise that comes from this simple voice chat application. But it is not the app that can take credit, it is the community. What a community that resides in Channel 1.
mark a lushington

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There has been a war in the UK in the past few months and its seems that Lushy lies within the epicenter of one of these major battles of this war. Lushy a UK citizen is a long time user, who has been a user since version 1.9.5.

mark a lushington


Do you believe that Lushy really was Doxed? (what is doxing? ref: )

Brief Background of the Matter


Also seen under ; Lushy, The Managment, Lushy Unstoppable & Not Lushy. The man has been in the center of channel 1 praise or scrutiny for quite some time now. Lushy who self proclaims title the most “hated user of the app” does not steer far from the fact of the matter. Since his appearance to channel 1 (origianlly called “General Chat” in version prior to 1.9.8) he has a large number of pages & web based content created in his name. Of course, all of these published with mal intent. Here is an example of the most recent work of his haters.


Five out of six videos posted on this Youtube channel is targeting lushy.


Just one of the many examples of Facebook pages created in Lushy’s name.


The funnies & most unique yet, someone went as far as creating a Rip off report targeting Lushy

M Landlord Mark Lush nicked 300 quid and some premium weed from my billfold whilst I was having a wash. Herne Hill London, U.K.

Here is another link that ill leave here:

The list really goes on and on. With so many different perspectives on this situation. Its not hard to jest that all of this banter is really just reciprocated from Lushy’s general affect & attitude on the channel when it comes to outsiders and antagonist. From one perspective Lushy is a nice guy that has good taste in women, conversation & fine wines. But from the other perspective…Ever heard of a “CB god complex”? Well meet the Lushy complex. A neuro surgeon walking down the hallway of the operating room and channel 1 is his operating room? The guy proclaims he is god, will brag out his loyal following & considers his time on channel 1 to be “CB Mass” as if he was a cardinal in the catholic church of CB. He brags about his offline boasting well paid contracts at his day job, acquiring a convertible BMW & living the life of a UK socialite / stock trader blowing money on 1500 pound dinners at the Alain Ducasse while finishing the night up in a VIP King suite at the Dorchester. Oh lets not forget about accusations of Lushy binging on prescription and street drugs like it was water.

Did we forget to mention his general affect of invincibility? I cant remember anybody that has closed on so many rendezvous or real life/offline meetups . Both rendezvous of cheer, drinks & smokes and rendezvous in that there would of been blood. Whos blood spilled is up to masses to decide.

For years now, combinations of Lushy’s name has been plugged into google a countless number of time.(data to support this coming soon) The original doxing of Lushy’s name was likely derived from a scarlet betrayal conducted on Kakao. Likely from a weak big breasted Harlet that got her feelings hurt . But lushy’s loyal haters (headed by talkers like proclaim he is a drug dealer, a landlord/scumlord, a cancer ridden HIV infected wanker & a seller tomato plants that have been vigorously pissed on. Strong words for a strong reputation that resonates through the channel day in and day out.

On a historical note and more on the positive side of things. Lushy was one of the original UK ambassordors of the app. Back in the day, there was a central divide between continents and worldwide. There was only a select few of the UK’ers that would talk on the worldwide setting. Perhaps it was this that gave Lushy his strong foundation of international subscribers. At the end of the day its all banter. You can never know for sure.

**content removed per order on 24/07/2016**

It was thought that Lushy’s name has been out in the wild for quite some time now. He’s never denied that it wasnt his name. At first it was thought he lived on in London but now they are saying that its really **removed per order on 24/07/2016**. here are countless plans to sign this guy up for pizza orders, plumbers arriving with rampant plumbers crack and escorts wearing skimpy lingerie. Even sending a Northern UK born MMA fighter (friend of a nemisis user) to meet him along with a barrage of death threats. Death threats is nothing new to Lushy. Whether or not anything will manifest, only time will tell.


Update:Stay tuned. Hope you enjoyed. Comment below.

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Up as of 0548hr UTC* March 10 , 2014 

0525hr UTC – app goes down, first interupt.

0532hr UTC back up, OK

0536hr UTC – down

0538hr UTC – up,sporadic interrupts.


*Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)


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