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Channel 1’s infamous big gun, American Governor, also known as “———-AMG”,  is responsible for the disabling of fine locations in the app. Allegedly, AMG, which at the time was known as “Spaceman”, feverishly made threats to anyone and everybody. He threatened to hunt people down, and stab them, while leaving their body their to rot. It is highly suspected and confirmed by an anonymous source that the developer of the app not only witnessed this behavior but also received a constant stream of fearful emails (mostly from women, children and weak hands) on the matter. The developer later contacted a lawyer specializing in the realm of internet technologies and did away with fine locations all together. So next time you come across American Governor on Channel 1, and fall within his graces not to be red x’ed. Make sure you thank him for the disabling of this feature in the app.


Months prior to CB Radio Chat’s 3 year birthday, the community was met with a major software update. The major difference was the locations of users displayed in the box  went from fine location to coarse, meaning you could only see what country they were from. Just months prior to this a user by the name of Spaceman (that now goes by the name as American Govenor, ) frequented the application. He was repetitively heard telling people that he was going to find them and stab them. “Im going to stab you” “I am going to hunt you down and then im going to stab you and walk away” was another phrase that you would hear him repeating over and over. Well as you could imagine, some took this as the usual Channel 1 banter, others perceived it as OCD induced trolling while others feared for their life. When I interviewed American Governor, I asked him if he ever  carried through with his threats. AMG would only say that “its up to you to decide, but anyone that was tracked down and stabbed would not live to tell about it”. Chilling words to say the least. CB Rambo or Cold Blooded Killer? You decide.

amg cb radio chat


We have seen it before and its nothing new under the sun. Its one thing to have a major effect on the community of users that reside in any given channel. We have seen it before. Some that get bragging rights from it and put into the CBRC hall of fame. But when you actually have the ability to actually invoke a response from the developer/creator of the app, to the extent that they have to make changes to the app itself. This is truly profound and really speaks for itself and is taking it to an entirely new level, and an entire new set of bragging rights are acquired. *Disclaimer: This does not include being banned, yeah you provoked enough of a response from the developer that they did not want to hear you on their application anymore. That’s just being unlucky, in the wrong place in the wrong time.  

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The developer makes CB Radio Chat accessible to low vision & visually handicapped users.  The redesigned buttons also happen to follow a Graphic/Web design trend.

cb radio chat handicap version update

// begin sarcasm here

The developer of CB Radio Chat continues to release new updates. The version 2.1.8 version was one of the more significant changes that the app has seen in quite some time. The significant change came to the user interface (UI). You will quickly notice that the buttons and font are larger. In fact much larger. So this is me sending my special thanks to the developer for meeting the needs of Handicaps, in whom have visual impairments. The buttons also fair well with knobby fingered users that are found in certain parts UK & in the southern portions of the united states. Speaking for myself however, the larger buttons will make it easier to be able to continue driving (technically) illegally in certain states. Driving while operating a motor vehicle. On a more serious note, this User Interface change comes with no surprise. I personally think it looks great. In the web design world, we see a trend in over-sized buttons both for aesthetic purposes and a large part to cater to tablet users. CBRC downloads via tablets have most likely increased. Other updates, that are noticeable to the end user and that should be mentioned that were not covered here include:

  • First launch tutorial: An introductory tutorial in how to use the app.
  • Audio volume auto-leveling: Optimization to the audio recording algorithm, wherein that any silence or low sounds are not recorded. This has been observed and compared with the most recent working version. Basically,  even with the “Stop recording if silence is detected” unchecked, dead key ups are not possible. Imagine this was put into place to”improve user experience” and also im sure it must save on over all throughput bandwidth to the hosting server that is responsible for putting messages in queue and sending them out.

Leave a comment of what you think. Or join the discussion at the Unofficial CB Radio Chat discussion thread.

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cbrc downtime plugmind statement

On 22/07/2013 CBRC was offline for an extended period of time (around 6 hours or more) It was heard that CB Chat users “lit up” Kakao as well as some users experiencing withdrawal symptoms. PLUGMIND was contacted for a statement. In his reply he made mention that the issue was related to the datacenter being down. Which is strange because the public consensus is sure that CBRC runs on Google’s App Engine / Google Cloud. This would indeed be something that is entirely out of his control. No comments were made by plugmind when it is expected to be back online. Here is the statment from PLUGMINDs email.

**Our data center is experiencing an issue at the moment. We hope that CB Radio Chat app will be back soon. Sorry for inconvenience.**

UPDATED: 22/07/2013 2410hr UTC

change your username on cbradiochat 2.0.7

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CB Radio Chat App update is released 2 weeks earlier then its usual monthly schedule. The version is upgrade to 2.0.7. The unique feature that it offers, different  from versions 2.0.1 – 2.0.6 is the ability to change your username but at a LIMITED rate.

Versions 2.0.1 – 2.0.6 : Generation LockDown

Back in mid March of 2013, CB Radio Chat was updated to Version 2.0.1, which entailed PERMANENT USERNAMES. This was a bold move on Plugmind (the app developer) behalf. One could even consider the version 2.0.1 update a game changer in the CBRC community. Neo.UK even published a youtube video on the matter. No longer could you change your username as you desired on the fly. Whatever intentions you had in changing your username, whether it was to troll, to show alliance with a specific clan/crew or to rally a point the ability to do so was gone.

The Post Version 2.0.1 Rebellion: –There is always another way…

In response to this, many users either abstained from updating. If they had already pulled the trigger & updated. They were left scouring the internet in the risky operation of downloading rogue copies of the app’s APK. The most popular location these files were found was on 4shared. With no central repository for these legacy versions APK’s posed a risk of users downloading dirty copies of this Android voice chat application. Fortunately, I personally never heard reports of dirty copies being installed and the savy rebel downloaders would of downloaded copies of the app that had a high download count. Possibly giving weight that it was a legit copy, for whatever that is worth. If you were fortunate, you would have downloaded the CBRC APK from the official website and possessed a back up copy on your local hard-drive. To date these CBRC rebels continue to run legacy version of the app, even when met with a pop up dialogue stating “PLEASE UPDATE THE APP”. You could identify these rebels as theere usernames were set at teh bottom of the userlist annotated with a ” | “.

Dear PLUGMIND, I wont be able to sleep until my username is changed. Thanks:

If you had version 2.0.1 and up, had set your username and desired to have it changed. PLUGMIND instructed its users to e-mail him directly through the in app e-mail function. This proved to be an effective way to get your username changed but at times would not be a quick solution. I myself e-mailed PLUGMIND, requesting a username change and it took 3 days. Included in my e-mail was an inquiry in his logic for doing this. It sounded terribly inefficient not only in the fact that he manually had to go in an change it but the CBRC community in general is a verbal one. What I mean by verbal is that they will make use of any Internet medium that is available to make requests. You will find requests on the Voice App’s Google Play review section, you will find request on off site review sites and its not uncommon to hear users complaining that there username has not been changed, even considering they have had it changed twice before in the same month. I personally can vouch for the high volume of request, as I still recieve a large number of e-mails on a weekly basis with request ranging from ; Username changes,banning someone, un-banning someone & a general trail of tears in how they do not like something. (The requests for the ability to use special characters in the usernames have finally subsided!)

Power To The People ‘s Choice:

In an email sent by PLUGMIND (If you didnt get it, look for the email here) he described version 2.0.7 in detail. He did mention some specific points about the new features of 2.0.7. One of the features mentioned in specific detail was the ability to change you username. In this e-mail PLUGMIND states and I quote ” CB Radio Chat lets you change your nickname occasionally.  You can change your nickname once a day, then once a week and finally once a month.” I assume this translate as. The first time  you change your user name it can be done immediately. The second time you change your username you will need to wait 7 days. Congruent names changes after that will be restricted to a monthly basis. Use the comment section below if you think this means differently and/or have experience otherwise. The image pictured below was provided by the app dev as a demonstration in changing your username.

change your username on cbradiochat 2.0.7

Image copyrighted by PLUGMIND & sourced from

cb radio chat new version update

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PLUGMIND unveiled a number of new features to the new version 2.0.5. There were a number of changes seen in the voice chat app, some that were welcomed & while other changes that were not. PLUGMIND continues to show the CB Radio Chat community a consistent update schedule, a vital variable for ensuring a piece of software grows & remains compatible across the many different android devices.The community remains strong & robust. Bringing in new traffic daily & maintaining its loyal database.

User Interface Change: (Main Screen )

  • Numeric Channels Toggle Added to main screen
  • Language Channel Toggle Added to main screen
  • New Transferring Data Icon
new version main screen cb chat

Menu Option Screen

  • Developer has added a Private Message ability which you can find it labled as (PRIV).
  • In this photo we see the receive private messages (Recieve PRIV) function. un-check to disable.

cb radio chat menu version 205

Private Message Feature Continued

  • Upon clicking the user list there is a toggle button labled (PRIV) which is suppose to be short for (PRIVATE) < no homo
  • Would be fantastic if PLUGMIND would accept Bitcoin or Litecoin for subscription payments.
cb chat userlist PRIV function


Closing Screen Advertisement

  • When you close the app you are now abruptly met with an mobile advertisement, in which you have to manual hit x to remove it. This guy must make a killing off of Google ads.
voice chat app mobile ads

Rumor has it that PUBLIC from Channel 1 always clicks this ad