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{Updated December 28, 2012 @ 2115hr U.S EST.} –Update found at the bottom of the page!

CB Radio Chat and its aquired community of users sit and wait as the application sits at the eve of its 2nd anniversary of existance. Aside what many users will state, the application was unleashed live on the Android Market (Now known as the Google Play ) in January of 2011. Just months prior to that, this Android Voice Chat Application, experienced a signifigant change inside its Digital Landscape. Months after,  it seem that the community of returning users were still discussing the No Location / No Range Control Glitch in the Android Live Chat. I objected saying this was no glitch and that this was actually a tradeoff. Loosing location display and talk range control while gaining a huge improvement in speed and reduced network transfer time. Indeed there was Life after this Android Network Location Services glitch but just a new phase accompanied by a new feel to the Android Chat App.

Purple Pro Stars For All & The Unescapable #2

CB Radio Chat Free Pro Version

A Screenshot displaying some UK users. Notice the “2” before their name and the Purple stars. PLUGMIND’s has been known to offer an App wide Free Pro Version as Christmas Gift

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The Changes & Their Effects On Everyday Use of the App:

The Android Voice Chat App, CB Radio Chat, & its embedded community recently experienced a massive change in it’s user experience. We learned that the No Location & Range control was indeed a bug.  An apparent server side glitch, manifesting into the absence of Network Location and the inability to choose a talk/recieve range. Now whats interesting about this glitch is that it brought on a different feel to this Android Voice Chat App and to a certain extent, changed the every day use of this app. Cause and effect:

Endless Names:

Channel 1 Regular & Power-User, Mister Core referred to it as “Endless Names”. The Box simply looks like a huge list, many of them being unidentied names. With the Network Locations (the location of the user) not displaying user’s location opened up the ability for more trolling.  Your ability to remain Anonymous can be easily had. This opened the preverbial floodgates for trolling. A troll could easily change their user name to a duplicate and/or simply remain fairly anonymous. In turn this glitch caused the community to require good listening skills and the need for good voice assesement skills. Here is why: Read more »

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UPDATED: 0615 US-EST (UTC/GMT -5 hours)

During the month of November, the community of the popular Android Voice Chat Application, CB Radio Chat, noticed something different. The technical difference was very apparent. And not only, it tremendously altered the feel of the app. It gave it a different edge, forgetting not to mention that it made the CB Sphere seem a whole lot larger. Although one’s will be quick to argue the contrary. It sent some ripples through the pond.

What Changed?

Suddenly the location of users were not displaying and users are unable to specify the talk/receive range as before. Previously a user’s coarse network location displayed under their username. It appeared that suddenly CB Radio Chat was not making use of Android’s packaged Location Services as it was previously. “No Locations” Compounded into the  “ALL WORLDWIDE” talk/recieve range. (Again many contradictory reports can be had) Basically many users were accustomed to talking on a continental talk/receive range. Read more »

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This article is incomplete and more information will be added as time goes on.

Transferring data on CB Radio Chat can be extremly frusterating. Sometimes there are instances where the application displays a grey ball or is simply very sluggish and you cannot send or recieve voice messages.  Anything that prevents you from getting on top of a blue bubble and talking just plain sucks. 5 minutes of time missed on CB Radio Chat = 1 Hour of Atomic time.  Before you delete this catchy Android Voice Chat Application, try a few of these tricks. There is no loop hole but you may find the information helpful. Read more about how this Android voice chat application works Read more »

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UPDATED @ 11/17 2310hr EST

Catching Up To Speed:

Early this week we watched as a number of users resolve themselves into what we know it as “The Firm“. The Firm’s high level of buzz status could be acredited from one of their masterminds. A well known UK talker, Lushy. The Firm’s users rooted from the premier channel, Channel 1 . Later World Wide Crew resolved loosely but a knit group. It is still unclear what was firm but the volunteer “member” Public (AU) labled it “A working action or a movement“. With a hint of a lisp in closing.  Whatever vernacular you want to use, it would be safe to categorize The Firm as a group of individuals that have affinity and a plan of sorts. Their first plans of action was the “Take over of the K#NT Family occupied Channel 21. Read more »