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Friction between various CB Radio Chat crews and family’s continue to intensify as the Android Voice Chat App heads towards its 3rd year of life. It seems that the heat generated from this friction radiated much further then your everyday verbal shelling. If you pointed your browsers to today (Saturday 11/11) you were met with a surprise  Myself as a webmaster, I was met with borderline panic (read my statement at the bottom). The site had been defaced or better stated, the site had been Hacked! Before further elaboration click on the image below to see for yourself.
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Mere 4 hours after the “guy” began uploading videos to the new CB Radio Chat Channel that has surfaced. This channel being one of the many youtube channels that have surfaced of the past 2.5 years. Although this channel comes with a twist. It seems to visually document the internal battles staged on CB Radio Chat. Channel 1’s Mister Core was quick to comment on the event, arguing that true battles are won by “Bringing your game in less that 15 seconds or less”. Check out the videos while they last….

This event will be labled #Operation:Scoompa

One video in particular, practically gets snippered out by Youtube and banned. Youtube felt that the video was Community Standards. Although this comes with no surprise it was ironic that the snipped video happened to be of BlackCracker. Blackcracker being one of the targets in these batches of mockery. View the videos while they are still standing!  Youtube only gives 3 warnings.


The Admin of Plugmind Leaks or “Guy” who prefers to remain anonymous proposed that all video content be dropped in one central location ie: DropBox opposed to myself and a number of other scouring the 40+ videos that have been kakoed within the last 24 hours.  Discussion on the matter be directed to : CB Radio Chat Users & Leaks Topic in the CB Chat Forums.

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cb radio chat leaksOn November 6th, as U.S Elections were underway an unknown user began circulating a number of videos via Kakao. The videos seem to poke fun at a number of Regular Talkers on the Premier Gateway Channel, Channel 1. The Channel one’ers took it in stride and began circulating their very own video that was made to bash them. A large percentage of the consensus seems to be reporting that their devices failed to play back to video. Since then a YouTube channel has opened up titled “Plugmind Leaks“. The channel states the ability for a user to upload videos anonymously. Currently the channel has an incomplete upload status of the 10+ videos that were leaked.

Check out the entire Channel HERE

A Forum Topic has been started HERE . Join the discussion!

Here is an example video of the Infamous, BlackCracker.

Users Included in This Gag Video Mock Up include and are not limited to:

  • GreenEyes
  • Cali Mama
  • BluntMan
  • BlackCracker
  • Hebrew Nemisis

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UPDATE #1 10/21/2012 2100hr EST: Specialized Cardiologists summoned from California are expected to look into his case starting Monday 10/22/12 via CO OWNER

UPDATE #2 10/21/2012 2200hr EST: Debo is alert and oriented. Even to teh extent his eyes are open. Debo is not talking much but awake. via Oklahoma Outlaw

UPDATE #3 10/22/2012 1450 EST: Debo is stable. The specialized cardiologist’s were in to see Debo today! via via CO OWNER

UPDATE #3 10/22/2012 1814hr EST: The medical staff feel that Debo’s best option will be to carry through with a Coronary artery bypass surgery (aka Triple Bypass Surgery). Debo’s muscular dystrophy has had an impact in the overall size of his heart and this would be the optimal surgery in this situation. via via CO OWNER 

UPDATE #4 10/22/2012 2252 EST: Debo is scheduled to have the Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery @ 1000hr on Tuesday 10/23/2012. via via CO OWNER

UPDATE #5 10/23/2012 1422hr EST: Debo is out of surgury and has proceeded to the recovery room. Doctors say bypass was successful but it will be a couple hours before i can see him. Im so happy & I thank God for not takeing our debo. I’m so happy right now! You all were right, he is a soldier! Thank you Jesus and i love you all for your prayers, in which i truley believe saved our Debo! via via CO OWNER

UPDATE #6 10/24/2012 1610hr EST: Debo little BMC is awake and talking He says he loves all of you & thanks you for all of your prayers. He can’t wait to talk to all of you again. However it will be a while before he can get on the CB or talk on phone. He said “waving 4 fingers & a thumb to all the BMC family & the Redneck Crew & everyone else that showed him some love and support. KidCowboy says ” I also want to say I love all of you and thank you again”. via via CO OWNER

Last night the BMC crew shared news with the community of CB Radio Chat. It was news that both friend and stranger does not want to hear. I wanted to approach this matter very sensitively. BMC’s crew member, Mizz Murder was kind enough to reach out to me via e-mail stating BMC’s desire for an awareness article as well as share some details with the community.

Meet Debo

Debo is the heart and soul of the BMC and also happens to be the son of a “Go-Hard” BMC member, KidCowboy. Not to long ago he suffered from a seizure and was admitted into the hospital for a few days. With much vitality and staminia, Debo came back to the CB Radio Chat with as much, if not more vigor then before. During this period of time, (after his hospital discharge) it should be known that an insensitive Troll in whom goes by the name of “still yer daddy” proceeded to call him “a retard” and similiar numbminded remarks. At times this can be common place on CB Radio Chat but in this case the trolls intentions were something of pure malice. You see, Debo is not your everyday guy. He is an extraordianry fellow who fights muscular dystrophy and muscular scelerosis. A potential stressor to say the least, we later learn of a tragic moment in time.  When Debo suffered a massive heart attack related to a rare heart condition. Medical professionals were doubtful of a positive outcome of this diagnosis. We later learn that Debo only had a 10% chance of living! Well CB’ers and CB’ers alike, that 17 year old young man was’nt ready yet. With much will and strength he pulled through yet again. The BMC crew gave thanks and raised celebrations as Debo was back at it . Hitting that Blue Button with his BMC crew.

As much joy as life brings, doth it bring much sorrow. On October 20, 2012 Debo suffered another massive heart attack. His precious life is substained with “24 hour life suppor”t. Mizz Murder reported that after 72 hours the life support could potentially be discontinued.

With hopes to raise awareness of this terrible situation in which this young man has to experience, I write this post to you all. On behalf of BMC I ask that you all keep Debo in your thoughts and prayers. As much as thoughts and prayers we send them, respect should be in the mix. When the incident happened on Saturday, we saw an outstanding number of individuals join the BMC crew in support on channel 26. A massive traffic spike, 74 people to be exact. While a small portion were only there to troll, the majority were there to send blessings and regards.

Perhaps you have some words?

Send Debo, his family and the BMC crew some encouragment. Updates on his current condition are welcomed from verified source. Please post responsibly, as this topic will be monitored closely.Find the specific forum section here > Pray for Debo in the CB Radio Chat Forums. Or traverse > Crew Lounge > BMC >Pray for Debo

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CB Radio Chats Traffic numbers continue to grow and most recently have spiked as high as 240 – 250 users on the English channel in the early morning hours. What better time could the infamous user, Terry Evil make a return from a 4month and 15 day hiatus from the application. Although Terry is Evil, he is no Terry. He returns with enough evilness to compete with Halloween and returns as Vampire.
If your new to the scene, then you would not be familiar with Vampire’s past life. A past life of leading the infamous CB crew known as “Evil”.  There is no doubt that the Evil Crew boasted impressive numbers. A former member reported that their crew population at its peak was around 70+. A crew of this capacity makes the Evil crew CB Radio Chats largest crew, since the birth of the application dating back in January of 2011. Vampire (previous Terry Evil) was well known for dropping Kakao bombs or massive Kakao group chats. A  number of individuals spoke of Kakao groups ranges consisting of 900+ users. Kakao chats of this size would quickly cripple your phone, if you were not savy enough in its elusion. From a technical standpoint, there is no doubt in my mind that the Admins at Kakao, (probably stuffed in a server room in South Korea)  took notice to events such as this. Not only did Vampire boast impressive numbers he carries a unique viral quality quality about him. One thing is for sure. You either love him or you hate him . With the largest crew on CB Radio Chat, apparently he was feeling some love.

vampire cult cb radio chat

Fast forward to October of 2012

Vampire has begun establishing his group of loyal crew members in the Vampire Cult. This also makes CB Radio Chat “history” as we have seen gangs, turn to crews and crews turns to cult. Sh** is getting deep out there folks. Within days his resurrection  Vampire and the Vampire Cult have planted their flag directly under the premier gateway channel of and set up camp on Channel 2. It did not take long for rouge trolls to discover their cave and attempt systematic CB Chat drive by’s. Most of these rouge never retuned home nor did their wive’s ever have closure. The nature of Vampire is simple. Invade their channel and expect a bloody repercussion. Vampire and his Cult following have been busy. Sightings include bloodbaths in the Royal Family’s Channel, Channel 17. As well as Channel 26, which currently is held down by BMC (to my understanding) Vampires unique ability to swamp a channel, disrupt communications and infect their members makes this cult leader a dangerous threat.

What do you think? Do you think that Vampire will resurrect a cult following as large as his previous crew? 

Have more then just a simple comment on the matter? Post whatever you want at the CB Radio Chat Forums!