Skeezer’s in Liverpool, Where’s Danny Dyer?

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Weeks after DANNY DYER failed to turn up after a challenge by DEADHEAD (who was in Liverpool at the time.) Skeezer’s In Liverpool. Danny Dyer Where You At? VIDEO [08/04/2016 @1630hr GMT] Skeezer announced he was in Liverpool.

Turner versus Jones – May 2, 2015

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Courtesy of EN CH1 talker –Big Matt–. Special thanks to him for heading this up & for the content creation. For those that are not up to speed in what is going on in EN CH1, to place context on this photo, Then do look forward to the upcoming CBRC Film mock up. I think… Read more »

A Failed Firm

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UPDATED @ 11/17 2310hr EST Catching Up To Speed: Early this week we watched as a number of users resolve themselves into what we know it as “The Firm“. The Firm’s high level of buzz status could be acredited from one of their masterminds. A well known UK talker, Lushy. The Firm’s users rooted from the… Read more »

Southern Attitude Set To Fight Cadillac Kid & Undertaker at Flying J Indianapolis

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DISCLAIMER Southern Attitude Shockwave / Set To Fight Cadillac Kid & Undertaker Sunday Night / Early Monday Morning UPDATED 6:34am EST July 9th Callidac Kid & Undertaker were a no show. UPDATED 1:34am EST July 9th Nothing to report. Cadillac kid and Undertaker are eating at Steak N shake. Nothing heard from southern attitude. UPDATED 1:00am EST July 9th… Read more »