Why CB Radio Chat Buffering/Loading Circle After Update?

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In the most recent updates (Version 2.2.9 & Version 2.3.1), the community suddenly started seeing a rotating circle (like you would on a Youtube video that was still loading). Users have referred to it as a “Buffering Circle, “the loading circle” and “The Circle of Death”. Most users considered this to be a performance issue… Read more »

Generation Versions 2.2.1 – 2.2.9

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Generation 2.2.x (version 2.2.1 – 2.2.9) presented to us a number of major & interesting evolutions to CB Radio Chat that were both loved & hated. Some major changes to be mentioned include an entirely new User Interface (UI), additional channels & other subtle changes. There are a lot of major things going on in… Read more »

Whats New In the CB Radio Chat Version 1.9.9 Update?

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CB Radio Chat Version 1.9.9 Update is now available This Article was last updated 01/03/2013 @ 1400 U.S EST | UTC -5 PLUGMIND IT CONSULTING released an update for CB Radio Chat, an Android Voice Chat Application. The update came with no surprise as the Android developer, PLUGMIND was known for releasing updates on a monthly… Read more »

No Location / No Range Control Glitch

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UPDATED: 0615 US-EST (UTC/GMT -5 hours) During the month of November, the community of the popular Android Voice Chat Application, CB Radio Chat, noticed something different. The technical difference was very apparent. And not only, it tremendously altered the feel of the app. It gave it a different edge, forgetting not to mention that it made the CB… Read more »