Is CB Radio Chat Down?

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Up as of 0548hr UTC* March 10 , 2014  0525hr UTC – app goes down, first interupt. 0532hr UTC back up, OK 0536hr UTC – down 0538hr UTC – up,sporadic interrupts.   *Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)   CBRC should use Twitter @mobile314    

Version 2.1.8 An Update For Handicapped Users

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The developer makes CB Radio Chat accessible to low vision & visually handicapped users.  The redesigned buttons also happen to follow a Graphic/Web design trend. // begin sarcasm here The developer of CB Radio Chat continues to release new updates. The version 2.1.8 version was one of the more significant changes that the app has… Read more »

Version 2.0.7 Change Your Username

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change your username on cbradiochat 2.0.7

CB Radio Chat App update is released 2 weeks earlier then its usual monthly schedule. The version is upgrade to 2.0.7. The unique feature that it offers, different  from versions 2.0.1 – 2.0.6 is the ability to change your username but at a LIMITED rate. Versions 2.0.1 – 2.0.6 : Generation LockDown Back in mid… Read more »

The Return To Version 2.0.5 Update

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cb radio chat new version update

PLUGMIND unveiled a number of new features to the new version 2.0.5. There were a number of changes seen in the voice chat app, some that were welcomed & while other changes that were not. PLUGMIND continues to show the CB Radio Chat community a consistent update schedule, a vital variable for ensuring a piece… Read more »