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Do you think that you would be able to describe the culture and quirks that are found on CB Radio Chat in writing and in a NON BIAS manner? Do you spend enough time on this app to know a particular channels culture or lack of a better word, drama? Are you a blogger or an inspiring blogger?
cb radio chat bloggers

Mobile 3.14 Wants You To Contribute

If you answered yes to any of the questions found above, then Mobile 3.14 wants to invite you to an opportunity to guess blog on the Unofficial CB Radio Chat Blog found on .

Guess Blogging Requirements:

Articles written in a NON BIAS manner

  • The website was created to be a reference guide. It was not created to be a place to bash, expose or embarras a specific person, group or crew. There are instances where you see a particulr user is singled out in an article.  This was done because of the high volume of engagment they were able to rouse on any given channel and their permission was always asked.

Well Written, English Grammar
  • I built and moderate this website without pay. I currently manage 12 blogs (Sept,2012) and unfortunately will not have the time to spendn editing and cleaning up poorly written articles. That is not the say that my articles are peferfect but content should be clean and easy to read.

High Quality Content

  • People want to read interesting content, they do not want to hear you crying or complaining about something.  85% of the sites traffic comes via Mobile devices which means that attention spans are even shorter.

Access to a Desktop Computer

  • I would not waste your time trying to blog on your tablet or mobile phone. If you are already a blogger then you already understand that.

Im interested! What is the process to come onboard?

Subject to change*

  1. Submit Your Request at
  2. Approval
  3. First Article/Articles Submitted via e-mail
  4. If all goes well you will be given a contributor account, with your CB Radio Chat User Name and desired avatar on the website!



6 Responses to “CB Chat Guest Bloggers Wanted With Great Content”

  1. Thalia

    Hello! I could have sworn I’ve visited this website before but after going through some
    of the posts I realized i has become so big since ive last check. do you plan on updating it any more? are you the same guy that does the videos. Regardless, I’m certainly enjoying looking through this. all the old names a and stories. is this blog position a paid position? do i need to send a resume.


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