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In the most recent updates (Version 2.2.9 & Version 2.3.1), the community suddenly started seeing a rotating circle (like you would on a Youtube video that was still loading). Users have referred to it as a “Buffering Circle, “the loading circle” and “The Circle of Death”. Most users considered this to be a performance issue & or simply a negative thing.

cb radio chat buffering smallLets clear up some misconceptions. First off its called an Activity Circle. Android Official describes its purpose as “Progress bars and activity indicators signal to users that something is happening, in the background that will take a moment.”. Another way to elaborate is, indicators such as this one lets us know that the application has not gone unresponsive and/or the application is still working. We find this progress bars and circles everywhere in modern User Interface Design (ATM’s, DVD Rental kiosks, self-serve cinema kiosks). Secondly, its there for your psychology. Yes, as simple as that. We live in an instantaneous world, so when menu or something of this sorts does not open instantaneously, people get anxious & annoyed. The ironic part of all this, the feature is suppose to have the opposite effect. Give you something “active” to look at while you wait for those few seconds.
cb radio chat bufferingI believe that the fact the long time / regular users of the community are not accustomed to seeing this feature implemented on CB Radio chat. (Trivia of the day: It is included in Android’s latest software libraries by default).When version 2.3.1 was unleashed suddenly users are seeing it. Some seem to assume the app is working harder or at a lesser degree. Reiterating the point that in todays design age, indicators such as this one are the norm. So next time you see this, put your anxiety at bay, CB Radio Chat did not break. You too my young Jedi will get a blue button soon.

More articles and updates to come! We have a video in the works of Channels 1’s most recent total and utter blowout – Lushy,Jarhead,Gangaman versus Davy Jones, BingBong, etc .


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