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In this short article Ill mention, Fathers Day Chat, General App Traffic & tech reports and a couple of mentions of some Channel 1 regulars. A new CB Radio Chat Term was added today thanks to Redneck Barbie (at the end of the article)! Thanks! Read on ill keep it short… Happy Fathers Day from Mobile 314! Today I learned that on the English channel of CB Radio Chat,  fathers are not the only ones that are whished “Happy Fathers Day”  but also , Mothers & Childless Males. No conclusions were drawn in why this was the case.

User Traffic, Convo Tone & Tech Notes

Today the application remained fairly quiet, as Sundays seem to trend, except for the usaul Troll that would enter a channel and make mindless, unhumoros comments.  A low, yet consist amount of user traffic populated the app noting that Channel 1, 7 and 19  trended with about 10-20 users (WORLDWIDE) while the english channel as a whole trened at about  100 users throughout the day while reaching its normal  150 users around 7:00pm EST . There was no reports nor mentions of technical difficulties with the app such as Grey Balls or difficulty bubble bubbling.

Fathers Day in CB Radio Chat

The conversation today that was cultivated on Channel 1 & 19 consisted of many Happy Fathers Day wishes (sometimes 30 minute stretches of “Happy Fathers Day” would go on )and a bit of chit chat that seemed to lead to a more personal type of conversations and deeper discussions. Discussion was at hand on the death of Rodney King.

Channel 1 Regulars

Pray for the safety of  Redneck Barbie and the extinguishing of the nearby raging forest fires!

The tone was so friendly today, that even the controversial figure Hellraisers bro aka Dave was not engaged in defending himself from comments that he instigated nor were there 4  hour rants and raves coming from him (there was talk of his non-paying tenants and inner city Detroit investments gone sour)There was actually one point that amends were being made with Dave. Nor was BalkCracker aka BCK found dropping mauls in defense or offense during his brief visit to Channel one. If your on Channel 1 and  in need of a quality, informative conversation, Army Guy is one of the handful of people that will cultivate this conversation. I will just sum it up as; If you live in the USA then dont forget the constitutional rights have been establish in this country. and if ever we have to fight for them, we are fighting for these rights for our children and future grandchildren . Ill leave this link here per his request.

Oath Keepers

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