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Proud to announce that the CB Radio Chat Forum has finally gone live. It was silently launched to ensure that all the bugs were worked out and that we would not have the same scenario we had with the launch of  “The Box”. The box being a proposed social media styled, extension of The best part in my mind, is the forum has a mobile browser friendly version with the option to switch over to desktop view to use all functions like filling out your profile and uploading an avatar.

I think that a forum could potentially do well comparing to straight up articles like we have been doing or comparing to “The Box”. The reason for this is because it gives opportunity for YOU to say whatever the heck you want to say. At times I do get a number of request and submissions to “expose” someone, something I stand strongly against. Well CB’ers once again, I do not promote this but here is your board to talk about whatever the heck you want to talk about, God Bless The Internet.

Many of you may have noticed and were asking why the website and forum was down/offline for some time. Here is the explanation with more information then you bargained for. and Forum Downtime

Channel 1 Regular, Mister Core gave inspiration on an interesting idea of a CB Radio Chat User posting when they are banned giving everyone a picture of whats going on in the community. The idea later blossomed into a proposed “experiment” to monitor trends and behaviors of PLUGMIND in his ban sprees. You can find this Forum category here. Report Your CB Radio Chat Ban

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  1. Og_Deathvalley_Undertaker

    Ma baker was threating people with a real g un and threating to cuxxing their throats and they red carpet X her and reporting abuse on her but she still comes in with different devices at all times can u please get her banned please


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