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{Updated December 28, 2012 @ 2115hr U.S EST.} –Update found at the bottom of the page!

CB Radio Chat and its aquired community of users sit and wait as the application sits at the eve of its 2nd anniversary of existance. Aside what many users will state, the application was unleashed live on the Android Market (Now known as the Google Play ) in January of 2011. Just months prior to that, this Android Voice Chat Application, experienced a signifigant change inside its Digital Landscape. Months after,  it seem that the community of returning users were still discussing the No Location / No Range Control Glitch in the Android Live Chat. I objected saying this was no glitch and that this was actually a tradeoff. Loosing location display and talk range control while gaining a huge improvement in speed and reduced network transfer time. Indeed there was Life after this Android Network Location Services glitch but just a new phase accompanied by a new feel to the Android Chat App.

Purple Pro Stars For All & The Unescapable #2

CB Radio Chat Free Pro Version

A Screenshot displaying some UK users. Notice the “2” before their name and the Purple stars. PLUGMIND’s has been known to offer an App wide Free Pro Version as Christmas Gift

Just as Christmas had passed the users noticed a very apparent difference in the application. Every single user had a purple star next to their name. Every user also had a numeric 2 before their name. If you know anything about CB Radio Chat and these Purple stars. Then you know that this signifies that the user is a “Pro User” and that they are subscribed to CB Radio Chat’s Pro Version (Basic Features Describe on “About CB Radio Chat Page”. I have always planned on writing an article comparing the Pro Version versus the Free version but there are not enough hours in the day! While one could vouch and say that , perhaps, 40% of CB Chat’s community are registered Pro version users while the other %60 are not. So upon opening the application and opening up the User Box or “The Box” it was a strange sight to see, gratned ALL the users had purple stars. A number of Aged veterans were quick to report that this is a regular occurrance. The UK user NEO, who runs a Youtube Channel reviewing the app community That every Christmas time “PLUGMIND” presents the users with a few days of Pro Version. In my mind this is an excellent marketing scheme because One you go Pro Version. It can be difficult to go back as you have an increase of talk time and 6 hour Red X / Block Time.  On top of that all users had a numeric 2 before their username. Users were quick to vouch stating this was yet another glitch but other seasoned veterans said that this happened the previous year right before the applications birthday. Except last year it was a number 1.

—Update #1**PLUGMIND was e-mailed requesting a comment on the issue but PLUGMIND failed to respond at this point and time.

—Update #2**On the morning of 12/28/12 at 00:54hr US EST Milwaukee Kid of Channel 1 reported that the number 2 was not assigned to every users name as before. The box revereted back to the usernames without a leading number 2. 

—Update #3**Shortly there after at 0100hr US EST the room wide Free Pro version slowly was reverted back to subscribers only (10mins-15mins.)

Look forward to future planned post such as :

  • The Firm Revisited,
  • Zello Versus CB Radio Chat,
  • Pro Version versus Free Version
  • CB Radio Chat + Twitter = Winning.

Sneak Peak into Mobile 3.14 Labs :: Ditch Kakao and join Twitter ::

Twitter and CB Radio Chat was made for each other and that’s why you can look forward to a post on it. Many people myself included seriously dislikes Kakao. For a number of reasons! Twitter would suit the CB Chat sphere and for this reason you should create a separate Twitter account for your username. Tweet me @mobile314 and hashtag it up with #cbradiochat or #cbrc for short!

5 Responses to “CB Radio Chat Turns 2 Years Old & A Box Full of Purple Stars {Updated}”

  1. jimmy C

    Put your hands up if you think NEO, FOREST GUMP, And the rest of the bandits are bent scamming northern monkeys ??????

      • Mobile 3.14

        NEO Has never stepped on my toes. Naturally I appreciate guy like this as they contribute to CB Radio Chat community content (ie: NEO’s youtube channel )
        Plugmind’s moderators were short lived. PLUGMIND is a one man show outside of his graphic designer and he solely moderates the app to my understanding.

        Thanks for commenting Jim . Cheers and happy new years

    • jimmy C

      only pulling ya puddings all on channel 1 are TOP people including Neo its all banter, Happy Birthday CB Radio chat


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