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your banned
CB Radio Chat Banned is hands down the most talked about subject on CBRC and probably will always be. The two most popular questions/discussions has to be, ‘How do I ban a user on CB Radio Chat?” “How do I get unbanned on CB Chat?” “Why was I Banned?”. Not only is it one of the most discussed but it is probably the most vague & obscure variables on the app. The problem is only compounded due to the fact that there is no true logic behind a user getting banned.

The general trend in bans seem to follow a large batch of users, a clean up of sorts. Other puzzling scenarios include, a mild mannered user gets banned and while this happens a violating user that is loud, vile and vulgar continues in usage. Look this is what we have, this is what we know. There is the terms and conditions and then there is the “Report Abuse” Function. Users break terms and conditions all the time. Its actually difficult not to. Back in the day, if you got enough users to “Report Abuse” on a user, whether they were violating terms and conditions or not they would quickly be banned. This could be called a “Ban Raid“. I cannot remember where I read this, probably in a Google Play comment but Plugmind stated this would not be effective any more. So all we can assume is that if a user gets enough unique “report abuse” checked on them it may draw some attention to them.

How do I get unbanned on CB Radio Chat?

There is nothing you or somebody else can do for you other then to just wait it out and do the cold hard time. If you are going through CB withdrawals and want to try your luck , then your best plan of action would most likely be to contact the developer, Plugmind. Your mileage may vary, but the most successful reports seem to go the route of composing an apology of sorts. An apology admitting wrong doing & your plan for improvement, as silly as this sounds. Many people report explaining the context of the situation. Without going into a lot of detail, this is probaly a waste of time. If you want to go down this route, honestly, I suggest you keep it short, simple & to the point. I have heard stories stemming from Channels based on “CB Radio Chat Crews“. In where these crew put together petitions of sorts, advocating a user being unbanned.

How do I ban a user on CB Radio Chat?”

Well you or somebody else can’t. Directly of course. Plugmind has explained in his terms and conditions, as well as in an entire Youtube video to “Block and check Report Abuse on the offending user.” You will see him constantly state this is his responses in Google Play reviews. I dont care what anybody says, we have never seen a moderator on CBRC nor have we seen somebody that has the ability to ban someone. In my honest humble opinion, any sort of Admin presence on a channel goes completely unseen. They are in that box but you will not see them. You will not converse with them and don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Im willing to venture and say that Plugmind himself is the one that throws that ban hammer down sending you into a never ending grey ball of death. If you really want to get somebody banned, lets say you feel threatened in some way or another (then this app is not for you) then you can take the sheepish route of writing to Plugmind and explaining your case. There definitely have been scenarios where a number of users have “said” that they banded together (Pun intended) and wrote to Plugmind in an elaborate digital tattle tale. The user is later banned. Let it be warned that you might bring massive heat on your channel from doing this. What I mean by heat is that not only is this user everyone does not like going to get banned but there may be a lot of collateral damage (Link to past article about MASS BANNINGS)

Why Was I Banned? Is life worth living?

You broke the terms and conditions. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You may never know. Or you may never admit that you know. I would not waste your time writing the developer. He has better things to do. He is probably busy and is definitely not involved in the drama that you maybe involved in so he would not remember anyways. You will be alright.

4 Responses to “How to – CB Radio Chat Banned: A Quick Overview”

  1. Bones420

    I got banned but was told the person I ad the altercation with was allowed to remain on CB I’m confused about this because said pieties said just as many negative things to me and I was defending myself

    • mobile3.14

      Judging from personal experience, reports from EN1 and Google Play reveiws for the app. Ban logic never makes sense. It is suggested you contact the application administrator directly.

  2. Jay

    Bit pants, I’m a new user and it says I’m banned, pah, WTF??
    Why? Have I chosen a banned username, says I have to wait to change it, or do they block ban it’s? Oh well try another app… Cheers

    • mobile3.14

      Jay sorry to hear that you were banned. Your best action would be to contact the developer using the contact option, found in the setting from within the app. good luck.


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