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I have always said that this Android Voice Chat App called CB Radio Chat operates on a different time clock or better stated, Time moves at a different rate. Call it a time warp if you want, call it Time Travel if your delusional.  From time to time you get these discussions that 5 minutes of time in CB Radio Chat is equivalent to 60 minutes time in “The Real World”. All it takes is a you swapping out a dead battery for a new one, to return to the same channel with the same people, only to discover that the previous conversation you were having is nowhere to be found. All it takes is getting busy with life and taking a 1 week break from CB Chat to REALLY notice this change. Expect to return to a whole new set of drama, inside jokes and situations. Don’t get me wrong upon returning from a CB Chat hiatus there is still that sense of “The Same ol Same ol” going on.  But any drama and insider jokes have usually changed.

cb radio chat queue

CB Radio Chat Message Queue of 1 minutes and 48 seconds of messages until blue button

The CB Radio Chat Time Warp Phenomenon Explained :: In Plain English

The fact is, CB Chat is a fast pace style of voice chat but what makes it so fast paced? I believe it has to do with the message queue. When I say message queue, what I mean is that your voice message is not played in real time but is put “in line” behind other messages that were spoken before yours. The message queue is described in the “How CB Radio Chat Works” page. Of course this phenomenal is very evident if the channel is busy or not. On a busy channel such as channel 1 or Channel 26 you can expect to see this time warp in action. For example,  you respond to a message that you heard one of your CB buddies put out there. Lets say that by the time you get a blue button to respond a minute has passed. Well lets not forget that this voice chat message you are responding to may already be 1 minute old. By the time your CB Buddy gets this message it will also be 1 minute old. In other words your responding to a joke that has already died and a new joke is already being told. Other factors to influence this is related who is blocking people, people blocking them and of course if you are blocked or whom you are blocking. Does this person have majority of the room blocked or has the majority of the room blocked them? The same goes with you. Your CB Buddy may have a large number of users blocked out or “Red X’ed” while you may not have anybody blocked so your going to be behind as you have to sift through the queue of messages.

Are we over-thinking this concept here? Yes, most likely we are but is the time warp and fast pace of life in CBRC evident? Yes it is. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. We would love to hear them!

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below. I published this article on the fly.

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