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This article is incomplete and more information will be added as time goes on.

Transferring data on CB Radio Chat can be extremly frusterating. Sometimes there are instances where the application displays a grey ball or is simply very sluggish and you cannot send or recieve voice messages.  Anything that prevents you from getting on top of a blue bubble and talking just plain sucks. 5 minutes of time missed on CB Radio Chat = 1 Hour of Atomic time.  Before you delete this catchy Android Voice Chat Application, try a few of these tricks. There is no loop hole but you may find the information helpful. Read more about how this Android voice chat application works

Restart App: Exit App and Go Back In

Exiting out of CB Radio Chat and coming back is the fastest and easiest line of defense with a mishaving app.Not only is it give the app a “clean” start but it also resets your connection with the server CB Radio Chat is running on.

Reset Device Internet Connection:

Switch 3G/4g or WIFI off and then back on again.If you are connected to the internet via your cell phone provider you will want to disconnect from the connection and reconnect. This does 2 things: It resets your connection and probaly cleans up some related caches. Second is related to reseting your connection with the cellaur tower.When you are mobile and out in about, your android phone judges which tower is serving the strongest signal. Sometimes your android gets “lazy” and will hold on to the signal a bit longer then it should. Sometimes it goes as far as forcing you into 1G.

Switch Into Airplane Mode and Back Out:

Does the same as the above stated but this hard resets the 3G/4G adapter in your android. I find this to be a problem solver for many signal and connectivity issues.

Clear Cache:

No good explanation can be given at this time in why this resolves issues but if you are having a sluggish application. Exit the app. Go into >>Android Settings >>Applications >>Manage Applications >>CB RAdio Chat >>Clear Cache. It was once thought that CB Radio Chats Cache held the Red X data but after clearing cache the Red X’ed individuals are still Red X’ed.

Close Unused Background Applications:

Android does an excellent job at memory managment. However there are instances that you will go into >>Android Settings >>Applications >>Manage Applications and force close any background applications that you are not using. The more memory your device has to work with the better.

Reboot with a Battery Pull :

Rebooting an Android or any computational device does amazing wonders and contains no magic. While your at it, you might as well do a soft reset via a battery pull. What you do is turn your phone off. When it completly shuts down pull out the batter and hold the power button for at least 5 seconds. This ensures any residual caches are deleted and all circuits are depleted.

Uninstall the application and reinstall it:

This is a last resort option and personally have never needed to do this

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