cb radio chat new version update

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cb radio chat new version update

A lot of time has passed since the last blog post titled “What’s New In Version 1.9.9” was published. Really working to catch up from where we left off I am still working on a number of unpublished articles of some situations that have gone down in the community but until then I wanted to get out an article, reviewing on some changes from this Version Update.

:: Version 2.0.1 Quick List of Changes ::

  • Permanent Usernames
  • Changeable User Description Area
  • Location Range Talk Fixed
  • PLUGMIND reports “+Bug Fixes” on Google Play Page
  • GPS Location ???

As a long time subscriber & viewer of CB Radio Chat User’s Largest Youtuber, known as Neo . What I mean by largest is the most consistent and also the best CBRC related videos. I am long past due reviewing Neo’s Youtube Channel. Before publishing such review, I must share one of many videos generated by NeoUK1965  The first segment of this video not only reviews Version 2.0.1 nicely but also touches on some unique concepts found only in the CB Radio Chat “Sphere”. Here have a look for yourself…

Permanent User Names

The most significant changed was the requirement to register a username. Upon updating the application to Version 2.0.1, users were met with a username registration screen (See photo below) This username would be forever paired with your device and cannot be changed unless you write to the Application Developer, PLUGMIND. This change caused an uproar of complaints and people contacting myself asking “How can we change our Username” and why did PLUGMIND do this? It’s still up for discussion in why PLUGMIND made such a bold move. PLUGMIND could of did this for a number of reasons such as; making it more difficult to Troll. In previous version you could change your username at any time. The only way to know if someone had changed their username was if you had them on block or Red X , they would change their name and they would still remain on block. I small rebellion occurred from the application update. As users scoured the internet in search of an older version. Upon downgrading to an older version a user would revert to the old interface in that you can change your username at any time. Users that were running older versions of the app were marked on the Userlist with a ” | “before their name and their username was automatically pushed to the bottom of the username list in the Box.

version 2.0.1 username registration screen

The Opening Screen in the New Version 2.0.1

 Username Description Area

In my opinion, this feature in the best and most intuitive. Perhaps the developer has a soul after all as he took away “our” freedom to change our usernames but he gave us a editable description box. What is it? It enables users to write a short description that can be changed at any time. User edited description can only be found when viewing the userlist or “The Box” opposed to see this description when listening to a voice chat message. One interesting move that I have not heard discussed is that in this user description box, the use of ALT codes or “characters” can be used. A major pain point for crews when PLUGMIND blocked this functionality. In other words, TAGS are back. It makes sense in my mind to have your username reserved and use the desciption box for your crew tag. If you crew hop on a regular basis, you have nothing to fear as you can change your Ohh and PLUGMIND kept the link functionality too, meaning that you can have a URL as a description and a link is automatically created. CBRC user and good friend of mine, Jack Spades reported in a article comment that ” The old versions are not able to see the description any of the upgraded users have written.” I have heard rumors, as well as Jack Spades, that non-complient users abstaining from updating will soon be banned.

cb radio chat version 2.0.1 user description

The Box / Channel Username List with User Edited Descriptions

 Location Range Talk Fixed

Back in December 2012, the community of CB Radio Chat started up the app only to find that suddenly the Channel got a whole lot bigger. The room must of seemed massive to those users who only choose to talk on their own continent by making use to the “Location Radius Function”. There was a whole article titled ” No Location / No Range Control Glitch” as users tried to make sense if the change was a glitch or purposeful  The App Developer continued his usual trend of making unannounced changes and responding to user e-mails with canned responses so we thought it was a glitch, as the range control button was still present. Life went on in the CB Radio Chat Sphere but with this most recent update, the users that have complied with “PLUGMIND LAW” and choosen to update can talk only on their content or talk worldwide. It also appears that version 2.0.1 users display their “coarse location” Displaying only country of orgin this time, opposed to state .

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below. I published this article on the fly.

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    The old versions are not able to see the description any of the upgraded users have written. Its also rumored users with old version are risking getting banned but im not sure if this is true and i havent emailed plugmind about it but i am going too and will post their reaction.

    • Mobile 3.14

      Thank you for that Jack Spades and I will updated this post with your info. I actually noticed that today on another device, regarding the inability to see descriptions when running a previous version. Look forward to your finding with the Dev, PLUGMIND. any responses you receive and care sharing is appreciated.


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