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cb radio chat leaksOn November 6th, as U.S Elections were underway an unknown user began circulating a number of videos via Kakao. The videos seem to poke fun at a number of Regular Talkers on the Premier Gateway Channel, Channel 1. The Channel one’ers took it in stride and began circulating their very own video that was made to bash them. A large percentage of the consensus seems to be reporting that their devices failed to play back to video. Since then a YouTube channel has opened up titled “Plugmind Leaks“. The channel states the ability for a user to upload videos anonymously. Currently the channel has an incomplete upload status of the 10+ videos that were leaked.

Check out the entire Channel HERE

A Forum Topic has been started HERE . Join the discussion!

Here is an example video of the Infamous, BlackCracker.

Users Included in This Gag Video Mock Up include and are not limited to:

  • GreenEyes
  • Cali Mama
  • BluntMan
  • BlackCracker
  • Hebrew Nemisis

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