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UPDATE: Google Adsense re-enabled on 10/30 Post comment responsibly.
I wanted to take the time to send the entire CB Radio Chat Community a warm hello and cheers.  You guys all rock for spreading the word about the site. My app hiatus was caused by the growth of my business. I received a huge influx of projects and literally spent an entire month writing proposals. Probably one of the most boring things you can do. Since my 2 months hiatus from the app I have received on average 10-15 e-mails a week.  The e-mails consisting of:

  1. Request to ban users
  2. Request to reverse engineer the application to allow for Special Alt Characters.
  3. Request for Administator privileged on the application.
  4. Personal threats, Lawsuit threats, Hacking Accusation.
  5. App questions, questions and more questions.
  6. Of course, User name submissions

In the past 2 weeks. My e-mail boxed spiked from you guys, mostly threats and accusations that I am part of a hacker scheme.  Hmm something was not right, I had to break this 2 months hiatus and hop on CB. .

cb radio chat threats

I do not have a lot of time to write this so let me get right to the  point:

Top 5 CB Radio Chat Questions Answered!

1.Is Mobile 3.14 part of a hacking scheme? Did mobile 314 hack a number of kakao accounts and then gain access to Australian and UK off shore bank accounts?

I am flattered this is as much hilarious as it is unfortunate for those that were hacked. I am highly involved with web environment security to protect my and clients digital access. I do not take part in penetration testing. A kakao user could only be compromised if they click on a dirty link. Kakao does not link with a bank account. You guys are bored. Just lets these rumours of me having malicious attempts die. Seriously now, I am a business man more then a geek.

2.Is there anyway to circumvent Plugminds recent lock down on Special Characters or also known as tags? Can you make a patch? Can you reverse engineer the app?

The answer is no for each one of those questions. I am not a app developer nor am I a cracker. I do not do these things. Cracking the security key of an app is extremely difficult to almost impossible. A potential loop hole of a older version by passing this came with no success. Its a database change. This is the bitter sweet reality of updates. You get performance updates but an app developer will continue to tighten security.

3.Can you ban a user for me? Can you make me administrator?

No, I have no affiliation with plugmind nor do I have administrator access.

4.Do you exploits other peoples personal information and sell it on the black market?

You guys have too much time on your hands. Why dont you write me an article that I can post on here. You will get full credit.

5.Where have you been?

Online. Focusing all my attention on money making activities. Instagram, Twitter and reading. A couple of occasions you may have found me on GR or AR channels!

 Google Adsense Bans Mobile 3.14’s Account

Well running ads on the site really lasted very long.Its not like I really made any money off them. I made barely enough to cover the hosting cost.Well if you know anything about Google advertising. One of the conditions of Google Adsense is a PG rated site. No profanity, sexual terms or racial terms. I quickly learned that even censored words are against the rules. Once an account is red flagged from a robot audit. It is then reviewed by a human and I got burned. I am happy that my entire account is not banned. Just this site.

Curious what the letter looks like? Check it out here http://pastebin.com/v52reLxY

9 Responses to “Q&A Time, Is Mobile 314 A Hacker? Google Adsense Banned!”

  1. Carmen Mcdougall

    fudge you mobile u fudger sbumbag blunt u hacked my aol account and gived out my personal derails u fudgeinlin shiny bunny luck the shinny outs my bbbass u fudgeinlin shunt,,im thetruth on ch 1 you gave someone my details u shununt and u own cb shuntn fudgeinlin shuunt bunt

  2. Public

    Cretin mcdougall is as mad as a cut snake, she obviously doesnt have a very high IQ she has accused everyone of everything and literally wont understand this post due to her lack of IQ points, we all know “what goes around comes around” and “karmas a bitty” alot of people she has pissed off have her name, address and ph number, she claimed they werent her real details yet she sent mobile 314 an email threatening him with legal action for giving out said details, lol the hilarity of her stupidity is quite entertaining.

  3. CB breakers

    This page made me Lol,, shame about your Adsense account dude although you are still displaying ads at my side.? 73s from Colin the head and meet the breakers in the uk.

    • mobile3.14

      Thanks for the feedback on the ads displaying on your side. I brought the site up to compliance and submitted a reconsideration request to Google Adsense & within 2 weeks I was back to displaying ads. I sometimes consider taking them down as they slow down the page load speed more then what they bring in to cover hosting cost. I did however get a chance to check out your site. meetthebreakers.co.uk & enjoyed browsing through it. Glad to see that CB Radio 11meters is still alive and well in the UK! Cheers & 73’s.


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