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Phone Bone:

(The writer feels like Big Dick Money potentially takes credit for the genesis of this term or pushing it mainstream)
The act of a conversating over the CB in a sexual nature. CB Phone Sex. Definitions vary among users. It basically describes a user that goes into a state of total desperation, mixed with underlying perversion, to engage in a phone style sex dialogue, usually done in a “private chat”  . The user could be stimulating ones erogenous zone during this act. Danny Dyer is a user that is reported to have embraced & almost identifies himself with phone bone. USAGE: “Aye chicky, let me take  you into private so I can phone bone you”…OR “Did you hear about Danny Dyer and Ruby wax? Early on they had unprotected phone boning. ”

CB Radio Chat Suicide:

This is an act in when a user says something that either creates a bad reputation on the channel or when the majority of the channel blocks them, in essence leaving them by unable to hear nor talk to anybody on the channel. CB Suicides usually result in the user uninstalling the app. This term as a major negative connotation. (Example: Your about to commit CB Radio Chat Suicide) . CB Radio Chat Suicide can also refer to an imaginary condition in where you “Ban” yourself which is impossible to date.

CB Radio Chat Rambo / CB Tough Guy / CB Gangster:

This term means a number of things (SEE TROLL) and depends on the channel. Usually the user is yelling into the mic (not always). A user enters a channel and proceeds to make negative comments to anyone and everyone. The end result of this is the user commits CB Radio Chat Suicide depending on the “crowd”. (Example: The guys is a CB Radio Chat Rambo)

CB Radio Chat Boo / Girlfriend / Wife / Husband / Hubby (also see Marriage):

An emotional affinity and/or attachment give to another user just as in real life but on CB.

CBRC Marriage:

Some people do find love on CB. Unspoken documented cases.

CB Radio Chat Divorce:



CB Radio Chat Crew / CB Family


A phenomena found within the CB Sphere where in a group of users come together and there is a strong affinity admist the group. They usually display a similar tag or name in which is suppose to communicate this comradity

Drop the Tag

(See defintion of tag) A command requesting a user to change their current tag or username.

Grey Ball :

Unlike the Blue Ball or Blue Button ,  a user is unable to transmit and manipulate the circular button. The button will turn grey. Sometimes a user is unable to hear anything during this period of a grey ball. It is said that the app is trying to resolve the connection to the server during this time. It is usually related to a number of factors such as; The users own bandwidth or connection quality, users connection speed, Internet lag, the amount of voice transmission in queue  & less likely a server issue/ server load.

Grey Balled / Grey Ball From Hell / Stuck in a Grey Ball:

In essence , the user resides in the condition of a Grey ball or has a grey button for a long period of time unable to transmit or manipulate the center button.

Lushy Complex


N00bs / Bottom Feeders / CB Radio Chat User

First time or new users of the app. They usually act in a predictable manner and display common behavioral habits making them easy to spot. ie: do not change the default username,

On Block

(see Red X)

Red X

blocking a user so that you cant hear them and they cannot hear you.

Red X of Death / Red X and forget

Being Red X’ed for the max red time of 12 hours.


A user that is running multiple devices that plays back a user or users messages. Most of the time the repeater device has the users its repeating on the Red X


Transferring Data / Stuck In Transferring Data:

Almost always a network issue. A text is displayed in the top left hand corner in when the app is transferring batches of voice messages.  An interrupt of service related to network congestion almost always on the user side. (Example: I am dealing with transferring Data)


A user  with the primary intent of provoking users into an emotional response by transmitting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic voice transmission in the community. They usually create trouble,  drama, and rumors. A troll is a subjective opinion and while one person may believe a user is a troll another may not.


A term used when referring to users that are outside of your continent.  Before the CB Radio Chat No Location / No talk range Glitch the term was more prevalent as you could choose to talk Worldwide or Continent.

Waiving Four Finger and a Thumb:

Another way of saying hello as if your waiving to them with your hand (example: I am waiving four finger and a thumb)

Tag (aka: Username, Handle, Nickname)

Your username or nickname that is displayed in the app. This terminology is often used in CB Crew gatherings. (ie: Put the BMC tag in your name)

The Red Dress / Wearing the Red Dress :

Another form of  being”Red X’ed” (Example : Your going to be wearing the red dress, They are now wearing the Red Dress)