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CB Radio Chat continues to display an expansive user base growth. Early Tuesday morning just past 12:00am, the User Count of the CB Radio Chat [English] channel boasted 234 total  online users.  Recently, the app has been trending an evening user base of 200. That number continues to rise as we saw on Tuesday morning.   Thanks to numerous kakao group chat bombs, I was unable to seize the moment and grab a screen shot at these impressive numbers. Although the photo shown below does some justice .Continue reading below:

cb radio chat traffic spike

Interestingly enough, while all of this was going on. For some unknown reason Channel 7 collectively raided channel one bringing the total user count World Wide, on Channel 1 to the impressive number of 68 users at its recorded peak. I might add that 20 or so angry Channel 7 patrons targeted Channel 1 Regular “LOSTSOUL” as he held his own with out breaking a sweat. A room size of 68 users means zero blue buttons to be had, that is unless you engulfed on a Red X rampage.

You guys just wait I know its coming, the realease of CB Radio Chat iPhone market. More on that in a future article.

Keep on bubbling….

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  1. Bckisland bananas

    I’d had never seen the app that busy. I I think your numbers could actually be low. I nice post btw


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