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Polish Userlist

After a kind e-mail from Plugmind, giving thumbs up about the website effrots and not to mention in our support of the Polish Developer and it’s Polish Users(long sentence wow!). A CB Radio Chat Polish Userlist was created!

Traffic and Analytics

Special thanks goes out to everyone who has checked out the site and the incredible response and submissions I have received to the userlist. As a Web Designer, there is nothing worse then building Website with no traffic going to it. The saying does not always hold true that, “If you build it, they will come”. I am happy to share that  today the webpage has broke 500 visits and has actually received a total of 650 visits. 274 of those visits being unique visitors!

Smash and Grab and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I found this to be quite humorous and intriguing at the same time. was searched and found on Google 14 times for the keyword ” smash and grab cb chat” . So smash and grab, either you have a stalker, a hater or you are narcasitic , searching for yourself on Google  *Insert sarcasm here*. 😛

How do I know about this data before everyone gets nervous or gets their panties in a bunch? Well Google is a data king and offers a number of tools that allows you to search search statisc about your website. The most common response I get when I mention to ” Visit” is ; Is your site going to give me viruses, are you going to hack my phone or are you going to collect my IP and sell it. Well none of this is true in the least. I am bored to take the time to find a link, verifying that the site is malware free. The second question correlates with the first. Third every website that you visit logs your IP address. It is called server logs. Even the application, CB Radio Chat keeps server logs and this is how it determines your coarse (general) location without using GPS. Plus It is neccesary in todays world and comes in handy when troubleshooting or debugging various things.

CB Radio Chat 101: Getting Started Guide 2.0.1

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