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July of 2012 is starting to remind me a bit of July of 2011 on CB Radio Chat in regards to app traffic.  You get these long lulls during the day with a traffic spike during the evening and later evening hours. Even the app Gateway, Channel 1 has experience a drop in traffic, as well as  threats against myself (Mobile 3.14) and  the legality of With this said I have had the pleasure to continue where I left off with my previous routine of channel hoping around, meeting some cool people, see whats going on in the community. your banned

Ban Wagon

  • Not long after we heard word that Blackcracker was banned, I learn that a PLUGMIND has apparently done a Ban Sweep / Mass of Banning on a number of channels.
  • Channel 1 reported 5 bans in the last 2 weeks
  • Channel 7 reported 3 bans this week.
  • Channel 19 reported 1 ban.

Hellraisers Brother: The Real Estate Tycoon Turned Charity Poker Room Owner

Photo does not necessarily depict Hell’s Bro

dave charity poker

Channel 1’s favorite brother, Hellraisers Brother or Dave is pretty amped that he is getting out of the Detroit Housing Industry and has just partnered up and taken 1/2 ownership of a charity poker in Detroit Michigan. His group was licensed by the Michigan Charitable Gaming division.  What does this mean for Channel one’ers? Now they can look forward to him keying up  for Ch. 1 to hear the background not of him loosing cash on a game of Poker and spilling beer on hisself but now running poker tables, kicking out cheaters and sweeping the poker room floor. By the sound of it, his buddy chong has migrated over with him as a patron so we can look forward to Hell’s bro yelling at him too.

Some frequent and/or “off-beat” discussion topics that seemed come up again and again in past couple weeks on channel 1.

Channel 1 Happening’s

  • A hand full of Channel one’rs are taking a stand and quitting various life long habits ie: Tetrahydrocannabinol use, tobacco use.
  • A number of users and/or their signifigant are celebrating newborns!
  • Threats made against mobile314 and ill assumptions of the purpose of this site. Resulting in a channel wide request to “red X & report abuse immediately” . Really? Just red X me , report abuse on trolls.
  • Lushy self-proclaims World Wide Power User Status
  • Crazy Cabby is taking a CB Radio Chat and Kakao break. Its for a long time he says.

Some frequent discussion that I always caught the tail end of on Channel 7

Some frequent discussion topics that I always caught the tail end of on Channel 19

  • We are a  Family. We are channel 19.
  • Its time for a Channel 19 Family Hug

And much, much more….

21 Responses to “Summertime Eve’s On CB Radio Chat”

  1. graves

    Fudge you bigga, you want to get cut? …that can also be heard on 16,27 and26 a lot lately


    Quote “regulars leaving”,not coming on as much,NOT PAYING FOR PRO VERSION no longer..I honestly stopped SUPPORTING (plugminds wallet) months ago,due to crappy app performance,(payed one time and they stold my dolla !),not to mention and probrably the most important FLAW,is the unjustifiable ,irregular,inconsistant BANNING OF PEOPLE..THE SOLUTION IS SIMPLE…albeit maybe controversial..
    FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT PLUGMIND STAY THE LUC OUT OF IT..”GIVE THE PEOPLE” the people who help pay your bills,so that the APP can prosper,evolve,grow etc..the say so..Give users on both standard and pro version an UNLIMITED “TIME LIMIT” RED X…Leave it up to the user to decide how long a person stays X’d out..DONT JUST COME IN AND BAN PEOPLE FOR PLAYING MUSIC,AND/OR MAYBE TELLING A DIRTY JOKE,OR POKING FUN AT SOMEONE Etc..If they offend me,or get on my nerves,then il red X them untill “IM READY” for them to come off THE X..I dont need your help getting rid of the less desirables..Only time i can think a BAN IS NECCESARY is if someone threatens to bill someone,or threatens to blow something up..NOT BECAUSE I CALLED YOU A Bigga,Bonky,Wheat thin(good n soup),Bic,SPOOKY,or because i played “BABY GOT BACK”..So stay outta it PLUGMIND,LET THE USERS HAVE A SAY IN WHO THEY TALK OR DONT TALK TO..AND STOP TRAMPPLING ON ARE FREEDOMS OF SPEECH…PEACE OUT MY biggas…oops i said biggas 314’s gonna BAN ME from the page 😉

    • Mobile 314

      Thanks for commenting. More and more I hear of discontent as you mentioned. I cant tell you how many times I have heard of people getting their “Dollar” stolen. I always joke and mention to not forget its actually 1.37 or whatever the exchange rate is. App performance is one thing but the inconsistent performance on banning is just sickening. It should be consistent or non existent….all or nothing. Not to mention if the Red X function is available then why is there a need to ban (exactly what you mentioned)? I have been thinking recently of posting a section with “petatakiion requests” to send into them. Although I will admit that my relationship with plugmind is not like it was when i first contacted them, asking for permission to use their graphics & in essence offering them free advertising both via app community and in Search Engine Results. Nothing specific but they are just not as interested or at least do not respond in the fashion as before. anyways continuing in what you said, red x should be unlimited and if freedom of speech is limited then perhaps it should not have the tatakile cb radio chat….as CB Radio / 11 meter radio is a open forum pirate non regulated wasteland in where everything goes. This is excellent discussion and motivates me to plan a future petatakiion page. IN conclusion, I am laughing at your closing remark of “Nig**@” 314 is going to ban me. My solution is much simpler, Ill just edit your comment opposed to completly censor it and yourself. Google Adsense has given me 2 of the 3 warnings of banning my adsense account as “vulgar and racist words” cannot be hosted on the same site as your adsense. I am not too worried as the adsense revenue created on this site is not even enough to pay for hosting or registiation (averaging 4 dollars a month LOL) The point of poking fun back at you is…there is always another option and method in managing an app or website…..Why ban somebody (as yourself) that is contribution to my hard work and to the community. If I start doing that (or plugmind) youll start to loose traffic really quick.

      Good stuff booger

  3. dollfacee

    but actually ch7 is more of a biish rearend coal this and bish rearend coal that lol
    never heard want to get cut


    PLUGMIND has the cake bro and they are eating it to…
    YOU/WE cant win,suggestions fall on deaf ears with plugmind..Best way to handle them is to create an APP simular only bigger,better..essentially stealing there customers,ultimately stealing there profits…POWER TO THE PEOPLE “askalhammalakefish” bro…


    P.S. Ya might have to sell ya house and move into a one bedroom house on wheels for about 3 yrs.,but it’l pay off eventually….lol “POWER TO THE PEOPLE”

  6. Anonymous

    I think the person called Lushy should be banned. He acts in an extremely unpleasant manner and is altogther quite a vulgar individual. His comments about jews and supporting Hitler in exterminating the same are simply inexcusable.

  7. LUSHY

    I hate all religion equally not just Jews. Its not my fault your people pushed their own kind in the gas chamber to save themselves even though you out numbered the guards 100 to 1 yet P.O.W tried in every way to escape. You want sympathy of me. UNLUCKY.

  8. Anonymous.1

    Your so arrogant who do you think you are? your a snob and you have no life. another good example of you talking about of your bbass like you actually know what you talking about when in reality you dont have a clue. if mobile 314 had some good sense. he would delete your comment immediately as it has no worth to be displayed on the internet. bye bye lushy fool

  9. LUSHY

    Mosses banished the Hebrews to never have a home land as they could not be trusted and smashed the ten commandments. Bye Jew boys.

  10. Anonymous

    Lushy you are a ghastly and common creature. Your “derek jameson” accent is jarring and your attatakiude matches it. I am not a Jew, nor am i religious But your remarks are disgusting and you obviously lack common decency. What you say is filled with venom and it will be downfall. By the way i have seen your profile and you live in squalid conditions. Maked me feel ashamed to be British. As someone who can trace his ancestry to the reign of kingAlfred i find your remarks about your Norman roots laughable. To paraphrase your own limited vocabulary, the only “deluded shunt” is you. Filthy low clbbass creature.

  11. .:FKIN TRUCKIN:.

    I got banned for no reason Hahahahahahahahaha PLUGMIND needs to get their stuff together. You can’t have f*, b*, s*, and a few other words in your name but you can still have racial stuff like, n*g*. Wtf? Tighten up PLUGMIND!!!!!


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