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Its been busy, been spending most of my time adding a mass of user names on the the CB Radio Chat User Name List from Channel 7. Special thanks and shout out to Mob6 for all of their contribution that has been given thus far.

Dedicated Crew Page Created.

EN User list has grown astronomically.

The History of CB Radio Chat Page created with some cool pictures.

The Return of Swamp Man

The CB Radio Chat user “Swamp Man” is back and in full action. Swamp reported that he was banned 3 times. Because of this Swamp Man actually had to purchase an enitrely new phone (CB Radio Chat actually pull phone ID when you use the app) Swamp Man is well known for his cut throat, clever and relentless maul dropping. Well apparently a light hearted and sensitive user known as Canada man did not take this very well. Swamp man reported that Canada man actually went through the efforts to report him to the Canadian Homeland Security Bureau for reasons of threatening to bomb the country. As ludicrous as this is, PlUGMIND took this issue seriously and banned him all together. So we can add this to our knowledge base. If you really want to get somebody banned, just get the Feds involved and the rest will take care of itsself (Insert Sarcasm Here)

BMC Fails To File Law Suit On

Well just leave it at that. I have had no lawyers contact me nor the state of North Caroline contact me .

“New-Redline Crew”

More on this coming soon!

Channel 7 News

A number of Channel 7 Users reported some Channel 7 gossip. They stated that a well known character took pictures of their genital areas and was using kakao to sent them to another user of the opposite sex. The gossip with this is that the nude photographer is currently married and the situation went public and spread.

More Channel 7 Gossip is reported that the crew known as “GMC” is making huge efforts to recruit new members and build their numbers. Even to the extent of deception and lying. GMC refused to comment on this.

Another handfull of Channel 7 members reported that another well known character has undergone more then 3 crew changes in under a month. Triple OG was reported to go from RR to team-a-one to TRD. Channel 1  users pose the question do we have another Johnny Jackson BMC on our hands.

Kakao Update

Not breaking news but recent news. Kakao released a new  update, so if you havent updated already be sure to do so. Have not heard any complaints of issues among the community.

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