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I built for the patrons of CB Radio Chat and I am constantly searching for any community related content that is created by it population. Its definitely can be rough and tough acting as a “media syndicator” for CB Radio Chat. None the less as I strive to remain non-bias, I continue to keep an open door policy with community related content as long as it compl with’s terms and conditions. Feel free to review my Terms and conditions of content acceptance and DISCLAIMER. In this terms and conditions you will find a section stating:Any content that is posted about yourself that you find offensive, threatening, revealing, slanderous and so forth. Please contact Mobile 3.14 at [email protected] for immediate removal. 

It should be known that it was brought to my attention that subtle identifiers existed on the youtube videos that were linked on this page. Because this does not comply with the sites terms and conditions the links to the videos were removed.

The channel URL distributing the content can be found here and it is to my understanding that complaints have been filed to Google:


Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

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