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Channel 1 RedBull Stratos Hangout

cb radio chat channel 1 stratos hangout

Did you watch the Austrian skydiver, partnered with Redbull, set the a couple of records sky diving from the edge of space? Even if you were not in front of the tube to witness it, if you were on CB Radio Chat’s premier channel, Channel 1, you would of got minute by minute updates on it. Channel 1 covered and narrated the event live all the way until its end. It definitely was an enjoyable and memorable event on the app. As expected, loads of humor was thrown into the mix ie: Rumors of the Austrain Sky Diver, Felix Baumgartner signing onto CB Radio Chat directly after the event. (laugh it up suckas) 

Channel 1 Redbull Stratos Crew Lineup:

Apologies in advanced if I missed anyone!

[jcolumns inbordercss=”1px solid #1982D1"]

  • Cali Kash
  • Milwaukee Kid
  • Bluntman
  • Blackcraker
  • Jethro
  • Swing Cab
  • Slick Nick
  • Welcome to Hell


  • Cali
  • Pimpin n’ Chilling
  • Public Consensus
  • Jarhead
  • Lushy
  • Gangbanger
  • American Spirit (played Alex Jones the whole time 😛 )


Jump Analysis:

  • Maximum altitude of 39.045 kilometres (24.261 mi)
  • Maximum speed of 1,342.8 kilometres per hour (834.4 mph), which corresponds to Mach 1.24
  • Total free fall time of 4 minutes 20 seconds
  • Total free fall distance of 36,529 metres (119,846 ft)




Special thanks to everyone thus far who has registered and contributed to the forum. The forum has already taken form and is developing a tone about it. Let me take the time to very  quickly dump out some links to some hot topics or topics worth looking at.

cb radio chat gangster

CB/Kakao Pic of the week via BOOGER

Dont forget to check out the Live 2 Die Gear Page on the site or visit their website directly at

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