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Jody shut the f**k up you rent-a-center , mall cop cry baby b1tch boy tough guy with a f***ing flashlight. 100 watt f**ing halogen light bulb blinding mother f**er. I don’t listen to you , I’m not going to do a f***ing [email protected] thing you say. Your another f**ing punk b1tch who cant even talk sh1t, gets his @ss kicked out of here.

Word Variation Percentage :72%

Complexity factor (Lexical Density) :87.5%


yeah man, don’t pay no attention to that Mister Core mang, that fellow right there man, he just be on some …([unknown? ]["hi tay sh1#t”])…. I got him….I got him . I’m fending to put him on the leash real quick Blackcrac…..

Complexity factor (Lexical Density) :10%

Percentage of different words :23%

mister core

14 Responses to “Mister Core Versus Jody & BCK”

  1. Mister Core

    I voted for BCK and Jody haahahahaa alll too easy and 314 i said light bulb blinding…not blinded lol

  2. Miss.HeatherHate

    F**k…before I forget…I do believe the next blog should be a vote on who shall be the next pivot man in the three ringed circle jerk. Well, three and a half if you consider Dave. Anyone else think so? Bahahaha….
    Miss. HeatherMotherf**inHate

    • Mobile 314

      He sure is one of the “Big Guns” . I was impressed by the data that the textual analysis gave me comparing with Jody. Those were just 2 of 60 data statistics of word variety and word complexity.

      • Miss.HeatherHate

        Jody’s intellect is statistically comparable with a severely retarded ant eater. In fact, km surprised he hasn’t taken a trip to see ballsacker considering they’re both in west Tennessee. Apparently they have some sort of a f***ed up bacteria in the water when they were in their mother’s womb and she was feeding them the bullsh*t they needed to at least not be brain dead. What’s even more surprising to me is that Jody doesn’t come on cb screaming at island boy saying “I’M COOCOO FOR COCOA C0*CKS!!!”

  3. graves

    mr. core comes up with the best insults. it’s like a boulder rollinn down a hill keeps comin. till he runs out of the damn blue button.


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