North America’s Big Gun

  • Philosophy of CBRC Though leader.

  • CBRC Power Talker.

  • EN Channel 1 / (General Chat) OG.

  • Verified Pre-Version 1.9.6 User

  • Embraced the Great Diaspora of 2013 (EN/US Switch)

  • He both Loved & Hated across many channels.


MISTER CORE’s comment & thoughts on the Great Banning of 2015 & Plugmind’s general Ban behavior.(LINK)

power talker 250

cbrc thought leader

cb radio chat americans flag 240


6 Responses to “Mister Core”

  1. Tron

    core is nothing more than a whining b1t%h…lmao…if i sat on cb all day like he does I’d shoot myself…keep crying like a b1t%h Mr Snore

  2. Someone

    HAHA you must be a victim of Cores wrath an you couldnt keep up with the spit boxin hahaha baby

  3. MostHated

    Lmmfao if cores such a crybaby then why did you have to run off of cb to b*tch about it on here like it was your personal diary… i think its safe to say you got roasted and humiliated to the point of doing away with cb and on you way out you hoped someone would throw you a life preserver? Get out your feelings instead of crying for attention. N btw isnt jody a girls name?

  4. Clavia Vespucci

    That’s my Bro. Vespucci to the “core”. The boys and i are rollin’ reading this shit.

  5. Cores Killer

    I agree, Core whines like an attention seeking wh0re and a borderline personality with tourettes. It comes from his dead POS kiddy touching Dad. Thank God he’s dead and buried! Cores Mom is worse, she touched him repeatedly. But at least his Dad is deader than disco lol.


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