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I went back  through all of the CB Chat User and CB Chat Crew List submissions that I have received in the past month or 2 and added them to the list. Apologies for the delay.

Usernames: 50+ usernames added

Crews: 4 crews added 


Don’t see your name or crew? Due to the high volume of request perhaps I may have missed you. e-mail me again through the on site forms or directly at [email protected] .

i dont always drink beer but when i do its


NOTE!: Please e-mail me your CB Chat username or CB Chat Crewname exactly how you want to see it on the site (try to refrain from all capitals unless this is how you roll on CB) Once again, there

Also special thanks to all those who have signed up on “The Box“. A social network style site for CB Radio Chat Users. Although I wish there was more activity to be found on the site, I know that I am competing with Kakao Story. For this reason I am considering just opening up an anything goes forum. Feel free to share your thoughts.

P.S Dont forget there is a CB Radio Chat Chatroom in which is mobile friendly. Again I think that a forum should be in the works!

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