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CB Radio Chats Traffic numbers continue to grow and most recently have spiked as high as 240 – 250 users on the English channel in the early morning hours. What better time could the infamous user, Terry Evil make a return from a 4month and 15 day hiatus from the application. Although Terry is Evil, he is no Terry. He returns with enough evilness to compete with Halloween and returns as Vampire.
If your new to the scene, then you would not be familiar with Vampire’s past life. A past life of leading the infamous CB crew known as “Evil”.  There is no doubt that the Evil Crew boasted impressive numbers. A former member reported that their crew population at its peak was around 70+. A crew of this capacity makes the Evil crew CB Radio Chats largest crew, since the birth of the application dating back in January of 2011. Vampire (previous Terry Evil) was well known for dropping Kakao bombs or massive Kakao group chats. A  number of individuals spoke of Kakao groups ranges consisting of 900+ users. Kakao chats of this size would quickly cripple your phone, if you were not savy enough in its elusion. From a technical standpoint, there is no doubt in my mind that the Admins at Kakao, (probably stuffed in a server room in South Korea)  took notice to events such as this. Not only did Vampire boast impressive numbers he carries a unique viral quality quality about him. One thing is for sure. You either love him or you hate him . With the largest crew on CB Radio Chat, apparently he was feeling some love.

vampire cult cb radio chat

Fast forward to October of 2012

Vampire has begun establishing his group of loyal crew members in the Vampire Cult. This also makes CB Radio Chat “history” as we have seen gangs, turn to crews and crews turns to cult. Sh** is getting deep out there folks. Within days his resurrection  Vampire and the Vampire Cult have planted their flag directly under the premier gateway channel of and set up camp on Channel 2. It did not take long for rouge trolls to discover their cave and attempt systematic CB Chat drive by’s. Most of these rouge never retuned home nor did their wive’s ever have closure. The nature of Vampire is simple. Invade their channel and expect a bloody repercussion. Vampire and his Cult following have been busy. Sightings include bloodbaths in the Royal Family’s Channel, Channel 17. As well as Channel 26, which currently is held down by BMC (to my understanding) Vampires unique ability to swamp a channel, disrupt communications and infect their members makes this cult leader a dangerous threat.

What do you think? Do you think that Vampire will resurrect a cult following as large as his previous crew? 

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73 Responses to “Something Evil Spreads In CB Radio Chat & It’s Name Is Vampire”

  1. Glitter Glaze sissy crossdresser

    You got that right were here to stay and this happy* male* cr0ssdr3sser will be out for ur neck.


    Ive been an Evil member since day one. terry evil (talkshow h0m0) was only involved with the evil crew for about 2 or 3 weeks, when he supposedly went to jail for breaking his house arrest. During his absence myself and EVIL HUMBOLDT 707 ran the EVIL crew mainly giving the k*unt family problems. There was 70+ members at one time, although there are only a few true EVILS left many of the original members grew tired of being put on the red x and moved on to other crews and channels.Vampire,s failed attempts at new crews are proof of what an accomplished crew leader he is. There is nothing to fear on CB Radio Chat except fear itself ….. and the original EVILS. Im EVIL GREEN and IM BACK OUT.

    • Vampire

      Lmao…..your such a fake the real evil green is from Tennessee. and Humboltz was never and evil. im not like the bmc i don’t just let any reject… roll with me. Got to go now… busy taking over the world! Rawrrrrr!!!!!!

  3. evil b1tc_h made crew

    I saw the evils taking over a blue waffle terry was like yuuuuuuuuuum then terry female* dog* boy evil friend said mine terry go well since were friend I can let you have a bite then the evils said we took over that was easy

  4. evil b1_tch made crew

    evils let’s get crazy yous can eat a blue waffle with cheese and eat eat a tw0t rot waffle

  5. evil b1_t_ch made crew

    these evils are the biggest *f***tards* on cb and no one is scared off them *femalecats* the evils were once maybe good but the *bundleofsticks* lost all the good members because they were cry baby sissy *femaledogs* that Jack off to Scooby doo everynight and asking guys if they want a Scooby snack there all *bundleofsticks*. terry only has like two members now his left and his right hand the New evils are *fecalmatter* under my boot that’s for sure p.s terry your a *femaldog* made bluewaffle fisting *bundleofsticks* that likes it in your *rearend* good work terry you always told the evils sharing is caring OMG I don’t want part of a *malegenital* smoking club count me out

    • Hebrew Nemesis 613

      Whoa what a lengthy rambling about nobodies…thanks!!!
      Hebrew Nemesis!!!
      Join us or die!!!

  6. hannah

    I love Vamp he is a great guy I have known him a lonnnggg time and I’m the natoriois Hannah Mac!!!

  7. graves aka capt. howdy

    just another terry evil project made for his own amusment. very entertaining though

  8. ladygaga

    It’s about time for Lady Gaga to bite ur neck and turn u into a vampire that’s ok cuz I will do it as ur sleeping

  9. EVA

    The vamp cult is the best!! If you wanna be in the sexiest and most fierce cult on CB, hit me or any other vamps up and we’d be happy to bite and infect you and make a new vamp!
    I love Vampire with all my vampy heart. He is my Vampire CB lover and the sexiest vamp in the world! I am so honored to be his. We have a huge announcement to make… Vamp said it was time for me to spread the good news….
    I’m pregnant with his baby bat!!
    That’s right!! We are so excited!! So look forward to updates and maybe even ultrasounds of our precious baby bat growing inside my cave.
    Love and Glitter Kisses,
    Eva Vampire

    • co.Vv nuada silverlance

      A shout out to the vampires for opening up and bringing me in the hottest crew/cult out …. The vampires are always ready to grip it and rip it on any channel wether its cb or face to face we are fearless , and shout out to all the new vampires and all I know is that we run shit !!!!!

  10. Lady Gaga

    I was just asked to be the baby vampires Godmother I’m just so happy to be a Godmother to a vampire I will take VERY good care of my Godchild I m so happy that vampire got EVA pregnant I’m glad I hooked them up to finally meet in person and. Now I’m honered to be a Godmother for ur child THANK for asking me to be the Godmother Vampire and EVA one mote thing I will spoil the baby like he or she was mine

  11. Hebrew Nemesis 613

    I love to feast on the blood of Aussies…esp Navy and his idiot crew…although my IQ points drop into the catatonic zones when even stopping to acknowledge what they’re rambling on about Ummmm…to be honest I didn’t listen to anything they said…my vampire ears tune them out ..but anyway if you want to witness a bath of blood…hot sexy vampire chicks who will suck your…blood…join us or die…
    Shout out to the Clan…Vampire is his name!!!

      • Hebrew Nemesis 613

        Navy hangs on 21,the cry baby channel…yeah he bhoo who’d like a little girl because I was talking to Kittie Meow…what a bitch…if anyone who hasn’t seen Kittie naked please wait she always posts nudes and stuff!!!

        • Kitti Meow

          Hebrew you wish you had seen me naked. Get a life. FYI people he just upset I blocked him because he is a psychopath.

          • navy DPO

            That’s right baby he is just a joke think he is really a vamp lol I love you

          • Vampire

            We’ll kitti…. I’ve seen you’re nudes..mmmm…. and hmmmm??? Maybe I should send them to my new cb bestie! !!!

  12. Michele davis

    I think he is ok.. But I do wonder why I am not listed as my name on cb considering I have been on this app for a year and 9 months… The original White Chocolate™ here please add me to list thank u.

    • Mobile 314

      When I started this site I worked hard to lurk in every channel collecting names. While this website pays no bills, my time is limited and new members are joining all the time, as well as popping out of the woodwork. I posted a section at the top of the list stating apologies for many missed members and a link to the submit username form. Ill work to get you in there and nice to meet you.

  13. Lil Vampi

    I’m so happy to be part of the vamp Cult! I just love to taste blood; you mother*fudgers* better watch out cause I just might bite you;)

    • EVA

      Congrats teddy! I think we should move our nest to Utah and be sister wives!! GLITTER KISSES

  14. Hebrew Nemesis 613

    Has anyone gotten the mail order vampire kittens yet?*FornicationUnderKingsConsent* I am pissed it’s too long of a wait!!!!

  15. Hebrew Nemesis 613

    Exciment has filled the ranks of the infamous Vampire Clan!!!
    We have been patiently awaiting the newest addition to the coven…this morning at 1:20am a bloodsucker sprung to life from the womb of Eva!!!
    The proud father,Vampire, conceived this soulless demon with Eva one of the sexiest female Vamps in the clan!!!
    We shall endeavour to raise her in the nest until she can function with the rest of the clan in Den #2.
    Anyone that wants to congratulate the clan on the newest addition can drop by the den and pay respects to the mother and father anytime tomorrow!!!
    Any females that have a thirst for blood and want to help us bring forth more offspring are welcome to drop into channel 2 to be harvested by a hungry coven!!!


    Hebrew you sorry sack off *feces* you lemon head terry all yous do is take over *rearend* cracks all day you dirty goat *fornicator* *femaledogs* and Hebrew thinks he’s good starting on females and when a guy starts back on him he puts them on the red x these vambs really think there vampires what a joke and
    Hebrew I know your getting some *malegenitalia* in you *rearend* hole

  17. NAVY DPO

    Hebrew you are the biggest *femalegenitalia* always hiding behind a red x hahaha you *bundleofsticks* *poopshoot* *fornicator* you start on females to make yourself feel better then yous really think yous are vampires yous need help if you *stickbundles* what to start on someone leave my woman alone and start on me you sorry sack of *feces* sbum bag I’m not gunnna red x like a *femaledog* but the evils are known for hiding after alll I was the reason you *femaledog* left cb last time the old evils and the new evils all they are a poojabbing *bundleofsticks* they are just pissed that they will never get there old members back you sissy little emo girls oh I’m a evil let’s wear capes and be retard OmG and Hebrew I’m coming for ya *femaledog* boy you will leave cb like the old evils did I promise that one and if you have something to say grow some balls, leave my woman alone and try that *fecalmatter* on me I won’t cop it you *bundleofsticks* come on *femaledog* you start on my woman you *poopshoot* rammers I dare yous try on me your bull *feces* is getting old and I’m starting to get sick off you vamb *femaledogs* thinking yous own cb when I ran yous off last time what a joke anyone who joins the evils will always be a joke

        • Kitti Meow

          Terry how does it feel to know I pick the phone when Navy calls and blocked your calls? You should just get over me and go back to Blondie.

          • Vampire

            Kitti stop calling me…. if navy isn’t getting the job done call Nemesis

    • Hebrew Nemesis

      Navy Stfu you look like a 13yr old kid!!!You can’t even speak the English language correctly let alone kick someones @3s.
      So how many times have you kissed Sl_tty Meow?
      Next up Sl_tty Meow moves to Mars,yes she found another long distance relationship because no one in Oregon wants Sl_tty Meow…well at least she tells Navy that while she’s getting hammered every night by Thomas,Jason,Phillip and Bubba!
      Don’t worry Navy she will be in Oz next July or June buddy,her p00n is okay,just a little stretched…Navy=bird chested qu33r boy

    • Kitti Meow

      Okay I can cop to this one…Public has the biggest smart phone I have ever seen. Sorry couldnt resist.


    this is a contest on the biggest retard on cb
    TERRY EVIL /Hebrew/DUCKSGUTS/devils reject/facesmaher/the rock



    Island boy is the biggest *bundleofsticks* were gunna drink his blood. vamps will take over and be [email protected]_y about it islandboy has a blue twot rot waffle islandboy suck it *femaledog*

  20. ladygreen

    Hey I like u guys and I support u guys but I’m afraid I’m just not that into it …but keep it up

  21. NEWS FLASH FOR THE [email protected] G. S

    There has been no evils they must be crying little *femaledogs*and islandboy has still been seen with a banana up his *poopshoot* I think cb must be messed up if they have a banana rammer on cb and ducks guys he is
    Still in the pond wagging his *rearend* at all the man

  22. Anita Hardcock

    I don’t know what’s worse…there actually being a fkin gang on a chat app…or there actually being an argument over this. If any of you think you’re billy [email protected]…then sign up for a real one and escort yourself through a drive-by…until then…stfu and stop being stupid.

  23. Teeny

    They were absolutely begging me to join their club and i have only been on cb for 3 days. LOL

  24. Big Boss Lady

    Looks like Terry Evil Crew hasn’t done a *fornicating* *fecal matter* he boast what 4 people in his club? most the people are cb newbies and he lurks around channels picking up the stragglers who have hurt feelings and lame come backs

  25. twilight.sister ch.5

    TerryEvil has the HOTTEST body ive ever seen on cb. And his slong is so big..and his balls are simply s u c k a b l e…:)


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