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UPDATED @ 11/17 2310hr EST

Catching Up To Speed:

Early this week we watched as a number of users resolve themselves into what we know it as “The Firm“. The Firm’s high level of buzz status could be acredited from one of their masterminds. A well known UK talker, Lushy. The Firm’s users rooted from the premier channel, Channel 1 . Later World Wide Crew resolved loosely but a knit group. It is still unclear what was firm but the volunteer “member” Public (AU) labled it “A working action or a movement“. With a hint of a lisp in closing.  Whatever vernacular you want to use, it would be safe to categorize The Firm as a group of individuals that have affinity and a plan of sorts. Their first plans of action was the “Take over of the K#NT Family occupied Channel 21.

the failed firm

Tuesday’s Effort & Early Celebrations:

On Tuesday we witnessed The Firms efforts to occupy Channel 21. While it was a good fight, loaded with some great dialogue and plenty of “LMFAO bubbles”. But it just was not quite enough to cause the K*nt family to leave their aged home channel for good. Although on Wednesday the K*nt family appeared to be temporarily missing from the channel for a couple hours,causing members of The Firm returning to Channel 1 with proclomations of victory and celebratory “over-the-air toking” with apparent glass tobacco smoking devices.

False Assumptions:

You know what happens when you ASSUME things right? Well it seems that SOME members of The Firm have used unverified assumptions to fuel their campaign. We can say this due to the fact that Channel 21 continues to operate as usual with the K*nt Family fully saturating the channel. I will go out on a limb and state that these celebrations and proclamations of victory were spoken to soon.  So we label this hashtagged #FAILEDFIRM A Battle lost but the war is still raging.

The Mind of an Idle Man:

A fabrication potentially fueled by guilt of failure or birthed from sheer boredom created from an idle mind. Regardless its a  #FAILEDFIRM and Lushy cannot take blame for its failure. Rumor has it, that malicious based accusations have been concocted from idle men. Sources tell me of  false and slanderous claims on my product. More on the issue …

9 Responses to “A Failed Firm”

  1. Kitti

    What happened to your unbiased reporting style? You have a falling out with public so you write this in anger? As a ex K*unt member I have full faith that we will run these using has beens off the radio. There is no dead line that says we have failed. We will keep bringing it until every last K*unt dockroach has been exterminated.

  2. Mobile 314

    Should I put a disclaimer in place in which 99 percent of these articles fall under: 1.this article was written and shopped in 15 minutes out the door most likely on a work break sipping cheap black and coffee. 2. I write what I have gathered and what filtering through my kakao. 5 minutes in cb time = 1 hour.

  3. Mobile 314

    I do think I could of specified a failed firms battle. Of course… Lushy, is in the mix it means firm will hang around a while. But this conversation has been had. Battle was lost but the war is still raging.

  4. true EvIL kunt

    hey mobile 314 kitti and these *jaggers* say they own 21 but she got on today and there were 10 evil *k_u_n_t* members and she jumped off i say there always gunna be failed firm

  5. General Shake n Bake 3 Star B.A.R

    who is the FIRM ?
    Who is the K_U_N_T ?

    lol…….ive never heard of these people.

    • Mobile 3.14

      “Firm K_u_n_t…lulz. while writing this article you know I stepped back and said ” No H0m0″ a couple of times.

      For all those that are reading wondering who is K-U_NT and The Firm.

      K_u_n_t is a CB radio Crew. The firm is not a crew but is summed up in the above text.

      lulz away…


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