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Mere 4 hours after the “guy” began uploading videos to the new CB Radio Chat Channel that has surfaced. This channel being one of the many youtube channels that have surfaced of the past 2.5 years. Although this channel comes with a twist. It seems to visually document the internal battles staged on CB Radio Chat. Channel 1’s Mister Core was quick to comment on the event, arguing that true battles are won by “Bringing your game in less that 15 seconds or less”. Check out the videos while they last….

This event will be labled #Operation:Scoompa

One video in particular, practically gets snippered out by Youtube and banned. Youtube felt that the video was Community Standards. Although this comes with no surprise it was ironic that the snipped video happened to be of BlackCracker. Blackcracker being one of the targets in these batches of mockery. View the videos while they are still standing!  Youtube only gives 3 warnings.


The Admin of Plugmind Leaks or “Guy” who prefers to remain anonymous proposed that all video content be dropped in one central location ie: DropBox opposed to myself and a number of other scouring the 40+ videos that have been kakoed within the last 24 hours.  Discussion on the matter be directed to : CB Radio Chat Users & Leaks Topic in the CB Chat Forums.

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