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Generation 2.2.x (version 2.2.1 – 2.2.9) presented to us a number of major & interesting evolutions to CB Radio Chat that were both loved & hated. Some major changes to be mentioned include an entirely new User Interface (UI), additional channels & other subtle changes. There are a lot of major things going on in the community at the moment. Some major (EN CH1) actually but I had to get something out to you that was already “locked & loaded and ready to go.

According to the community, Version 2.2.8 ends up being the choice of all the 2.2.x versions. When Plugmind unleashed version 2.2.9, the community was at an uproar as it appeared to be laggy/slugish and just not up to par. Interesting to say the least you had to wait more time in between Blue Bubbles (transmissions). Which leads me to *speculate that the developer made algorithmic changes in how the queuing of the messages are handled. (You can credit this Algorithm that handles this queuing of messages for the addictive nature of this app)  In other words when PLUGMIND unleashed version 2.2.9, the problem was not inherit to this version but due to changes to the math that runs on his side (in the apps background) organizing the queue. *I could and may completely wrong. I say this because version 2.1.x users were also experiencing a lower volume of Blue Buttons per 25 mins. A litteral scarcity of Blue Buttons. People like CH1 EN’s Biker7 actually reached out to PLUGMIND and  2 days later, version 2.3.1 was unveiled and it seemed that it cleared everything up. Maybe more about this will be written later.

CB Radio Chat App Version 2.2.8 manifested as the community choice in January 2015 but what changed in the Generation 2.2.x comparing to past version?


Redesigned User Interface (UI) – The developer of CBRC, PLUGMIND, jumps on board the trendy & prominent “Flat design”. Flat Design is a minimalist UI Design Genre that was pushed via brands like Apple, Facebook & currently trending as a modern standard of App & Web design. A number of colors were tweaked & the actual buttons on the screen were rearranged. The rearranging of buttons seem to cater to the user ergonomics of the app as well as supporting larger screens commonly found on tablets.

Additional English Channels – In reality an entire article needs to be dedicated to this change as it created this Pseudo divide within the community of the app. English has held the overall majority of users in the app & PLUGMIND recognized this. The general English channel was kept, an English United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada & India was created. While most of them sit empty, we did see a large congregation of American users migrate to EN- United States. This was found evident on the Original Gateway Channel of the App (EN). While general EN still thrives, it mainly consists of UK’ers with a handful of OG die hard North American Channel one’ers (hoo raa).

Additional in App Advertisements – Full screen ad when closing the app. Random Full screen ads while app is in use.

File size increased  – Its really not even worth mentioning, it increased by a small margin which is not much but one can assume that the thanks for this file size increase goes out to the additional Ad packs now complied in the app for this. CBRC’s caches lightly increased.. Comparative to other apps on the Google Play store the app should be considered to be on the small side but users running legacy Android versions will notice.

What is your experience with the new versions and what are your thoughts? Share your comment publicly and anonymously in the comments section below!


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