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The Changes & Their Effects On Everyday Use of the App:

The Android Voice Chat App, CB Radio Chat, & its embedded community recently experienced a massive change in it’s user experience. We learned that the No Location & Range control was indeed a bug.  An apparent server side glitch, manifesting into the absence of Network Location and the inability to choose a talk/recieve range. Now whats interesting about this glitch is that it brought on a different feel to this Android Voice Chat App and to a certain extent, changed the every day use of this app. Cause and effect:

Endless Names:

Channel 1 Regular & Power-User, Mister Core referred to it as “Endless Names”. The Box simply looks like a huge list, many of them being unidentied names. With the Network Locations (the location of the user) not displaying user’s location opened up the ability for more trolling.  Your ability to remain Anonymous can be easily had. This opened the preverbial floodgates for trolling. A troll could easily change their user name to a duplicate and/or simply remain fairly anonymous. In turn this glitch caused the community to require good listening skills and the need for good voice assesement skills. Here is why:

When we had locations idenfying a user was much easier. CB Radio Chat Users would systematically verify and assess who they were talking too by 3 factors:
  1. The Username
  2. The Location
  3. The User’s voice
Now with no locations resolving, users were forced to solely rely upon the signature traits of a person.

Notice the lack of location under this username.

The Great CB Continental Shift: A World Wide Introduction:

Previously the application presented users with the ability to control who was heard and who heard them by a specific range/radius of talk. The change stirred the community because many users that use to talk only on continent. Suddenly high traffic rooms such as Channel 1 doubled in size. Users were met with new aquaintences. Users that were talking on the app sinced its begining suddenly heard new voices and characters that had also been talking for years but doing so on continent. More wars were started then peace treaties. Powers users that hold down shop on their continent were forced to meet with other power users of a continent. (Mister Core versus Lushy)

The Great Divide : Immigration to Zello:

About 1 week after the bug Some users were strongly opposed to the effects of this trancendent bug. They were not fond of this sudden spike in room sizes. They found it undesirable to have to weed out trolls. So a portion migrated to Zello. Some of them staked their flag high, while others remained hybrid users, bounching back and forth between the 2 apps.

The Effect on Crews / Family’s:

Before all of this, I feel that most of the news was via crew happenings and of course Channel 1. Channel 1 recieveing publicity both because it is my home channel as well as it being the applications gateway channel / channel with the most traffic exchange. Most crews continue to function as usual. Crew Tag Impersonators seems to be amajor pain point experienced by crews. Pretty much a Troll will enter a channel/conversation falsly representing a specific crew. It has become easier to fly a “crew tag”  and remain anonymous.  HatchetMatt has not only proposed a peace keeping unit, a theoretical “CB United Nations / CBUN” but he has been heard activitly trying to police these sort of distrubances. Not only can you find him actively contacting crew Administrators to verify a tag but he also has worked hard to resolve crew and user scuffles. A difficult task at that, shout outs and special thanks goes out to Hatchetmatt for working to make the CB sphere a better place!

Check out R3EN3CK CR3W Page. The most recent crew page to be updated. Special thanks goes out to ~SwtTxLdy~ & PAINkiLl3r for their content collaboration.

UPDATED: How CB Radio Chat Works

UPDATED: The CB Radio Chat Userlist

Look forward to future post highlighting some awesome CB Radio Chat related content and links that I dug up from the past, possibly a video tuturial in getting the most out of the User Interface and an article about “CB Radio Chat versus Zello”. Thanks for reading.

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