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The most recent correspondence I have been getting in e-mails is “Mobile, are you dead”. The fact that I am posting this post clears up that misconception. Although I have been MIA I am still alive and kicking. I still maintain the site and have receive all of your e-mails. So special thanks to everyone who has been writing and submitting their usernames and crew names. Let me remind all of you of some basic facts as the majority of the e-mails that are not related to user or crew name submissions consist of::

  • Can you unban me?
  • Can you change my CB Radio Chat username?
  • Can you ban user “X”?
  • How can I be a CB Chat moderator or How can I be a moderator.
  • I am going to press charges against you.
  • Can you give me a discount on Pro version if I sign up for 1 year

Feel free to review the bottom of the home page or the Disclaimer page to become cogniscent that myself (Mobile 3.14) and the site has no affiliation or connection with PLUGMIND, the app developer.

I am working hard to respond to all these submission e-mails and have added a slew of CBRC Crews and User names. If i missed you feel free to write a followup e-mail with me! Thanks again everyone. Leave some comments below and tell me whats up.

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  1. jack spades

    I used to think you were plugminds homeboy too becuz of rumors lol it looks like only me and solid ground have visited this site :: i been busy with the family so i havent been on cb or zelo much so ima bit behind on any new happenings

    • Mobile 3.14

      Lol did you really? Even after we started talking regularly? None the less, I count myself fortunate that I still get a steady stream of traffic to the site. I credit it to solid SEO which allows me to rank well on Google. I hear you with being busy with family etc etc. CB has suffered because of this and one of these days im going to hit CB hard once again. Zello is a utility & saves my cell minutes so im always on Zello. Good connect Mr Jack Spades..


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