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Aside from what the rumors say, I do not record people on CB Radio Chat. The post where Channel 1 titan mister core obliterated Jody was recorded under the consent of mister core. If you see my user name connected to the app with out me talking. it is probably because i am marketing a link to the site or a new article such as this one!

The user Island boy was banned from the app, last week and was hitting Kakao group chats heavily. Island boy appeared 1500 EST on channel 1 and confirmed that the band had been lifted and continuing his usaully activity.

What do you think? Do you think that Island will evade another ban or do you think its right around the corner?


Tequila Rose reported interesting news in a comment []  found on the article titled  Redline Crew Divorces & Goes Their Separate Ways She commented that “As of today, Papa Bear has deleted CB. For how long is unknown.” Papa Bear is owner of one of the largest CB Radio Chat Crews. If you ask me, it is not uncommon for a user to take a break from the app only to find themself return to it. Its pretty catchy isnt it?

What do you think? How long do you think it will take for papa bear to return?


  • CB Radio Chatroom was added!
  • The CB Radio Chat social stomping ground called; The Box, got off on a slow start related to mobile browser compatabilities. There are a small handful of users that are active on it so check it out and post it up!
  • Privacy policy added related to some trolling comments left in the chatroom. I do not collect your personal information people.

8 Responses to “General Report: Island Boy Unbanned, Papa Bear Uninstall, New Pages”

  1. graves

    island boy is the sht! i know people hate him but he comes up with good stuff. he might be banned again. but then again alot of us could

  2. OzzyWeed

    Ironic that he leaves shortly after going off on one of his members and TequilaRose for no reason.

  3. dollfacee

    Everyonee hates on island boy
    Hes freaking funny welcomeeee backkkkkk hunny

  4. NY GIRL

    ISLAND BOY…ISLAND BOY…What could i say..He’s most likely gonna be banned again..trouble maker lol lol lol lol

  5. islandboy

    I saw papa bear called himself the legend papa bear and i dont know how to reply to that but i taught what a period having d0uche drinking b***h and i want everyone to call me ” the king of king legend islandboy awsomeness”


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