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There has been a war in the UK in the past few months and its seems that Lushy lies within the epicenter of one of these major battles of this war. Lushy a UK citizen is a long time user, who has been a user since version 1.9.5.

mark a lushington


Do you believe that Lushy really was Doxed? (what is doxing? ref: )

Brief Background of the Matter


Also seen under ; Lushy, The Managment, Lushy Unstoppable & Not Lushy. The man has been in the center of channel 1 praise or scrutiny for quite some time now. Lushy who self proclaims title the most “hated user of the app” does not steer far from the fact of the matter. Since his appearance to channel 1 (origianlly called “General Chat” in version prior to 1.9.8) he has a large number of pages & web based content created in his name. Of course, all of these published with mal intent. Here is an example of the most recent work of his haters.


Five out of six videos posted on this Youtube channel is targeting lushy.


Just one of the many examples of Facebook pages created in Lushy’s name.


The funnies & most unique yet, someone went as far as creating a Rip off report targeting Lushy

M Landlord Mark Lush nicked 300 quid and some premium weed from my billfold whilst I was having a wash. Herne Hill London, U.K.

Here is another link that ill leave here:

The list really goes on and on. With so many different perspectives on this situation. Its not hard to jest that all of this banter is really just reciprocated from Lushy’s general affect & attitude on the channel when it comes to outsiders and antagonist. From one perspective Lushy is a nice guy that has good taste in women, conversation & fine wines. But from the other perspective…Ever heard of a “CB god complex”? Well meet the Lushy complex. A neuro surgeon walking down the hallway of the operating room and channel 1 is his operating room? The guy proclaims he is god, will brag out his loyal following & considers his time on channel 1 to be “CB Mass” as if he was a cardinal in the catholic church of CB. He brags about his offline boasting well paid contracts at his day job, acquiring a convertible BMW & living the life of a UK socialite / stock trader blowing money on 1500 pound dinners at the Alain Ducasse while finishing the night up in a VIP King suite at the Dorchester. Oh lets not forget about accusations of Lushy binging on prescription and street drugs like it was water.

Did we forget to mention his general affect of invincibility? I cant remember anybody that has closed on so many rendezvous or real life/offline meetups . Both rendezvous of cheer, drinks & smokes and rendezvous in that there would of been blood. Whos blood spilled is up to masses to decide.

For years now, combinations of Lushy’s name has been plugged into google a countless number of time.(data to support this coming soon) The original doxing of Lushy’s name was likely derived from a scarlet betrayal conducted on Kakao. Likely from a weak big breasted Harlet that got her feelings hurt . But lushy’s loyal haters (headed by talkers like proclaim he is a drug dealer, a landlord/scumlord, a cancer ridden HIV infected wanker & a seller tomato plants that have been vigorously pissed on. Strong words for a strong reputation that resonates through the channel day in and day out.

On a historical note and more on the positive side of things. Lushy was one of the original UK ambassordors of the app. Back in the day, there was a central divide between continents and worldwide. There was only a select few of the UK’ers that would talk on the worldwide setting. Perhaps it was this that gave Lushy his strong foundation of international subscribers. At the end of the day its all banter. You can never know for sure.

**content removed per order on 24/07/2016**

It was thought that Lushy’s name has been out in the wild for quite some time now. He’s never denied that it wasnt his name. At first it was thought he lived on in London but now they are saying that its really **removed per order on 24/07/2016**. here are countless plans to sign this guy up for pizza orders, plumbers arriving with rampant plumbers crack and escorts wearing skimpy lingerie. Even sending a Northern UK born MMA fighter (friend of a nemisis user) to meet him along with a barrage of death threats. Death threats is nothing new to Lushy. Whether or not anything will manifest, only time will tell.


Update:Stay tuned. Hope you enjoyed. Comment below.

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