Special thanks to UK Mandem of Channel 1 for being a good sport!

06/01/14 downloads app, doesn’t realize app is set on “Hold to Talk”

13/01/14 figures out how to configure app. rough around the edges but holds his weight.

15/01/14 obtains newbie status and embraces it. google searches “How-to CB Radio Chat”, “How to get longer blue buttons on CBRC” “What is the blue waffle” etc etc

18/01/14 begins to show the typical signs and symptoms of ch1 ultrasensitivity. goes mental when x’ed out.

19/01/14 Pulls a 20 hour long session on Channel 1

20/01/14 Fixation to Pathfinder begins

23/01/14 Fixation to AK-47 begins

25/01/14 Fixation to Mr. Mennis.uk begins.

25/01/14 Takes out a loan to pay for gold membership in Mr. Mennis.uk mentorship program.

26/01/14 Fails to pay his dues consisting of: Mr. Mennis.uk Gold Members ship premium fees.

27/01/14 Begins to induce his own CBRC Ch1 Suicide. Admits using CBRC to meet friends. Apologizes. Red X’s the entire room and talks to his echo.

28/01/14 Makes alliance with Public. General condition worsens. 

28/02/14 UK Mandem proved to us all that he is not that bad of a guy. Recieves CB Salvation from somewhere.


uk mandem cb radio chat

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