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PLUGMIND’S response to the recent slew of CB Radio Chat Bans. Unfortunately his response was short, sweet & vague.

Hello, all information about banning can be found here:

Best Regards / Pozdrawiamy

cb radio chat ban
Users across the app are reporting, in what appears to be, an unusual high volume of bansin the last few days. These bannings are not exclusive to one sole channel as users from both EN & US over multiple channels are reporting bans.
cb radio chat banned
  • Various randoms are coming up to EN ch1 & reporting numbers as high as 50-100 wiped out. **unverified
  • Various randoms are coming up to EN ch1 & reporting entire crew was wiped out.
  • Speculations consist of the trend/possible reason for bannings are centered on users involved in abusive racial comments.
  • EN CH1’s DING DONG reports 3 devices banned. DING DONGS main comment on the matter was “F***ing SAMBOES man, F***ing SAMBOES”.
  • EN CH1’s Pigeon reported banned. 🙁
  • Leumm reported secondary device banned
  • According to a comment left below, solo OK, silverbell , og b1tch from hell , og bad @ss outlaw 1 reported to be banned.
  • PLUGMIND has been contacted for a comment. Nothing yet at the time of writing.
Although its difficult to properly gauge any realized decrease in user volume (related to sporadic weekend volume), at the time of writing EN is at 80 & US is at 70. It could be safe to say overall volume has been decreased when these Language channels usually sit just over 100.
There are also a report that a recorded message is being broadcasted, giving warning to users to follow the terms and conditions of the app. The public consensus regarding this recording can only be assumed that it is via Plugmind as it overrides any voice message being played. The recorded messages is said to be a female computer generated voice, spoken in English.
Is this trend in bans here to stay? It would only be proper to mention that back in the version 1.9.6 & beyond days, bans were occurring frequently. It was almost like it was expected to happen. After some, time these bans seem to completely stop.
In my humble opinion, the developer is really trying hard to “clean up” and refine the app to improve the apps Play store ratings. Unfortunately, when I say clean up and refine, what I mean is the clean up on community. This is a foolish and rash thing to do as the community is fairly resilient & embedded into this app. Not to mention, this EN community actually is the composition of the app. Where do I pull this theory from? Well, as any app developer would desire. Plugmind desires to increase his over all user-base opposed to a select group of die hard internet junkies, that thirst for a raw WWW connection to information & alt humor and the ability to launch some healthy banter.
Another issue we have is the search ranking of CBRC. (PLUGMIND should pay me to handle his search rankings but this is another story. jajaja) Long story short, its clear for a number of reasons that he would desire to “rank” for the search term Voice Chat. If you go to the play store and type in “Voice chat app”, CBRC will not show up on the top. You have to traverse quite far to find it. More people are likely to search “voice chat app” versus “CB Chat…”.
Another point to reinforce my theory is that I am sure a typical scenario for first time downloaders plays out in this manner. They will finally muster up the courage to key up for their first time asking “Is this thing working, is this real”, only to be told to F*** off and literally they F** right off. A few months back I noticed that the name of the app “CB Radio Chat ” on the Google Play store. Was changed to CB Radio Chat For Friends. This is an attempt to reshape the branding and face of the app, although what lies under this layer (inside the app) is a different story. ………………………………..**INCOMPLETE**

MISTER CORES response on the matter can be found in the comment below or HERE.


CB Radio Chat Journey Into the Queue- Youtube

22 Responses to “Mass Bans Across Numerous EN Channels Are Reported”

  1. Mister Core

    Wow look at all these morons who think that this page is from PLUGMIND. Hahaha

    Anyways, this has happened before. Plugmind starts actually enforcing all the terms and conditions. The problem is and always was that it is beyond inconsistent and too sporadic.
    Plus it is really a grimey move to just ban people and not even give them a warning or even key up and say simple “Hey, I’m listening” just to let people know you’re actually holding people accountable. If you look at the most recent terms it very specific to what “hate” talk is and that it will NOT be tolerated. I blame all these f-in crybabies who hang off of Plugminds poonani. Just look at the reviews on Google Play and all the whiners there. Plugmind responds with “use the red x” which IS what your suppose to do if you don’t want to be harassed by people. It is a users right to be able to block/ignore someone regardless of the reason. If most of those dumb fools would of just blocks users and not bleed their butt to Plugmind then we wouldn’t be dealing with this crap. Handle your biz on the blue button or just block someone and STFU.

    • Bubbas Mama, bzil maf key player, harry balzac

      Greetings and salutations from the great and powerful Bubbas Mama aka Clavia Vespucci, Bzil Maf, Key Playa,Harry Balzac, Don “the fag” Morris etc. Id like to thank my brother Anthony Vespucci for his sound and profound attention to the affore mentioned travesty that has befallen what was once my playground. But since be banned after returning from the prior bans, I have home to a playground I no longer recognize. Illiterate hillbilly fucktards along with illiterate British mumbling retards are carrying out these so called banning raids. When retards are not kept in there respective cages and allowed to breed this is the outcome. Many such as myself, seek other venues or applications for enjoyment. Plugmind you polish turd. Prey that I we never cross paths! I have spoken so let it be written.


    WTF I don’t get the reason why I got banned???? I got banned while having friendly conversation with my friends. Also he should be abel to see I have the paid version. PEOPLE DO YOU UNDERSTAND MY POINT THAT I GOT banned for nothing. something serious needs to be done about this banning thing. I shouldn’t be banned and I red X’ed the racist people. How can they say racist remarks. But I got banned???????????

  3. Josiana

    Eu não fiz nada de errado, já tem dois anos to no CB RÁDIO CHAT FRIENDS e fizeram isso, vocês pensam só porque são moderadores e pode sair punido as pessoas sem qualquer restrição.. Eu estou procurando meus direitos na justiça, não adianta passar emails vocês não responde, nem se quer dão satisfação do usuário, apesar que eu paguei pelo porcaria do aplicativo. Isso aí se chama propaganda enganosa, calúnia.. Podem aguarda! O aplicativo não tem muito informações pro usuário, mas pra justiça tem… Bando canalha..

    • mobile3.14


      I did nothing wrong, already has two years to the CB RADIO CHAT FRIENDS and done that, you think just because they are moderators and can leave people punished without any restrictions .. I’m looking for my rights in justice, there is no point spending email you do not respond, or if you want to give user satisfaction, although I paid for the app sucks. That’s it called false advertising, slander .. Can awaits! The application does not have much for user information, but for justice has … scoundrel Bando ..

  4. Amphetamine

    Well currently unbanned off of cb after being banned over 6 months not to mention people always in there feelings
    Opinions are like assholes everybodys got one

    Shout out to Mister Core and Mobile

    • mobile3.14

      man 6 months is a long term ban….thats a blood ban man. meaning Plugmind probably personally heard you and pulled the trigger unlike a accumulating report X ban. thanks for commenting in. cheers


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