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Southern Attitude

Shockwave / Set To Fight Cadillac Kid & Undertaker Sunday Night / Early Monday Morning

UPDATED 6:34am EST July 9th

Callidac Kid & Undertaker were a no show.

UPDATED 1:34am EST July 9th

Nothing to report. Cadillac kid and Undertaker are eating at Steak N shake. Nothing heard from southern attitude.

UPDATED 1:00am EST July 9th

Cadillac kid and Undertaker are not proceeding to the flying J travel plaza. But are going to the Steak and shake to eat and drink coffee and charge their phones.Nothing heard from southern attitude.

UPDATED 12:45am EST July 9th

Cadillac Kid and Undertaker are confirmed to have met up to drink coffee with each other at the steak and shake, to “re-group” before the fight. Undertaker is celebrating that he met up with Cadillac and it consistently “blowing his horn” while Cadillac kid is laughing in the background.

UPDATED 12:29am EST July 9th

Channel 26th is buzzing and filled with discussion on the issue. Southern Attitude is stationed at the Flying J burning hours before he has to be up for work. Cadillac Kid and now Undertaker are stating that they are meet up at a steak and shake (Undertaker is minutes away) . Southern Attitude is at the flying J which is some distance from the steak and shake. The discussion is at large that no one will bring a weapon and that Cadillac kid had to stop off to get something to eat before the brawl. The fact of the matter is, is that both parties are within 50 miles of each other and will be interesting to see what unfolds. Undertaker reported driving a purple low rider.(not verified) Related comment below.


UPDATED 11:56pm EST JULY 8th.

Shortly after the divorce of the Redline Crew, on Sunday Evening. Cadillac Kid called out Shockwave aka Southern Attitude calling him a “F**** B*** , cussing him out making threats etc etc. It was reported that from a number of valid sources, that Cadillac kid told Shockwave/Southern attitude to come meet him in Indianapolis, IN.

Cadillac kid cb chat user

Photo submitted by anonymous user. Photo is for entertainment purposes and does not necessarily mean this is Cadillac Kid.

For those who do not know Shockwave/Southern Attitude, he is a hard working respectable guy on the channels and currently is a professional truck driver. Well it so happens that Shockwave took Cadillac kid up on this meetup brawl as he happen to be passing through Indianapolis, Indiana. Suddenly Once Cadillac kid hears word that Shockwave/Southern Attitude is waiting for him in Indianapolis, Cadillac kid goes missing on Kakao, Phone, Text and of course CB Radio Chat. Fast forward it a few hours and it is reported that Cadillac kid is on his way to the Flying J Travel Plaza, which is a large truck stop in Indianpolis. View Larger Map It gets better, it is reported that Shockwave has a fellow driver with him, which means that there will be someone at the scene playing the role of a camera man catching this all on video. Stay tuned for updates on this situation and hopefully we can get avhold of this video and post a link for all to see!

Popular opinion (statistically 7 to 1 and on channel 1) has it that Shockwave will obliterate Cadillac kid in this fight. What do you think? Judging from the two guys character on CB Radio Chat, who will win?


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6 sources report that Cadillac Kid and Undertakers #1 cheer leader is cherry bomb.


User submitted photo. This photo is for entertaiment purposes only and does not confirm this is cherry bomb.

10 Responses to “Southern Attitude Set To Fight Cadillac Kid & Undertaker at Flying J Indianapolis”

  1. Navy

    As it turns out there was no fight to be reported Cadillac qu33r could not go 1 and a half hours without stopping to get his [email protected] something to eat so he never showed up and was accusing shockwave of having a bunch of truckers that was going to stab him so he brought plenty of guns and ammunition with him

  2. Channel 1 Representative

    So wait, there going to friggin eat? forget that…we are waiting for this s***t to go down and their eating???????????how lame is that!

  3. Evil Otaku

    So…for the record I think this whole thing with going to fight is epically retarded. As far as the fight itself, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen. Then Cadillac Kid will claim they showed up and Shockwave wasn’t there or something. Then later challenge Shockwave at a new location, where most likely nothing will happen again.

    • Mobile 314

      I agree with you for the most part. perhaps it was better nothing happened. granted a percentage of cb radio chat is fueled by drama so this almost expected. well you called it, nothing went down apparently. thanks for commenting.

  4. graves

    southern attatakiude on channel 13 this morning stated no one showed up. opinions vary as to why,cowardice? can’t find the truck stop, or caddy kid and undertaker just got a motel room and are curenntly palying find the food in caddy’s fat folds.

  5. c.kidd

    we were going to the flying j but undertaker kept rubbing my thigh. then i looked into his eyes he into mine and we had to stop. we made sweet sweet love at the knghts inn. we’re goin to move to a [email protected] friendly state and get married. and f you graves!!!!

  6. OzzyWeed

    Of coarse Caddy bundleofsticks and Undertaker didn’t show. Caddy bundleofsticks was stuffing his fat face and Undertaker was under the table giving Caddy eff a rimmy job. This goes to show that they are femalecats who don’t have the nerve to follow up on thier word.

    P.S My bet was on Shockwave/SouthernAttatakiude.


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