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UPDATED: 0615 US-EST (UTC/GMT -5 hours)

During the month of November, the community of the popular Android Voice Chat Application, CB Radio Chat, noticed something different. The technical difference was very apparent. And not only, it tremendously altered the feel of the app. It gave it a different edge, forgetting not to mention that it made the CB Sphere seem a whole lot larger. Although one’s will be quick to argue the contrary. It sent some ripples through the pond.

What Changed?

Suddenly the location of users were not displaying and users are unable to specify the talk/receive range as before. Previously a user’s coarse network location displayed under their username. It appeared that suddenly CB Radio Chat was not making use of Android’s packaged Location Services as it was previously. “No Locations” Compounded into the  “ALL WORLDWIDE” talk/recieve range. (Again many contradictory reports can be had) Basically many users were accustomed to talking on a continental talk/receive range.

What Happened?

Now whether this is a glitch or a permanent change was up in the air for some time. Love these gmail & Kakao Talk inbox spikes. As I was partially MIA “ten-tenning” in November you all were busy finding a verifiable explanation. Shouts out to you all for bringing back the good information. Oh & who does not love screen shots.Look my initial gut reaction was this:

  • Full Blown Glitch: Possibly a corrupt database or the server side function that resolves a users location was misbehaving.
  • Temporary Glitch: Possibly this was a glitch that resulted from an up and coming update. Often time developers will develop an update in a non-live environment but under certain circumstances future development is done in a “live” environment.
  • Purposeful Implementation:The amount of e-mails I get on a weekly basis consisting of complaints of users harassing another user and threats etc led me to assume that Plugmind made this change on purpose. Why would he do this on purpose? Privacy and improved app performance.
    • Privacy: CB Radio Chat accessing fine or course location is an app permission. Removing this permission eliminates any possibility of users visiting a users region of residence and/or in the age of Internet identity privacy it (could) keep people happy.
    • Performance: (theoretically)Eliminating the function of location services decreases the number of request a device has to make to the server. Myself and some others noticed immediately a massive improvement of app performance  The voice chat app became extremely responsive. For example: When choosing to view who is in “The Box” or the current users in a channel, the box displays almost immediately (most of the time) opposed to previously it would take a couple of brief moments. Less transferring data can be seen even though there are more people in a channel.  In rooms larger then 30, competition for a blue bubble can be fierce at times. But after a few Red X’s you can expect to have many blue buttons waiting for you.

What is the Final Verdict?

Its a temporary glitch with Location Services. Many users reported that upon contacting Plugmind about the issue, Plugmind commented that this is indeed a glitch. Until we had hard proof of the matter we could not confirm. Betamax so kindly sent me a screen shot of an e-mail received from Plugmind, which in my mind (no pun intended) verifies the issue. Special thanks to Betamax for the photo!
cb radio chat no location glitch

Check back soon for an article in progress detailing how this change has effected the community.

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