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Guest Post Via PlayFulFriend of the Moderator Crew

I am interested in bring up a common issue that occurs on the channels. Ok let’s get to the bottom of this shall we. Everyone could agree that it is a common place for individuals, crews and gangs to state that they “Run the channel” or “They own the channel”. Well first of all, nobody has the power or the will to own and run a channel. CB Radio Chat is a open chat. Everyone is at liberty to do as they feel fit. Second of all there has been numerous complaints in how Plugmind took away everyone’s symbols and cool text art (aka: tags). Well I believe that Plugmind did that for a reason. I believe the reason is most of the users had a hard time reading what those tags said. This is why I believe Plugmind switched over to a regular font. Now, everyone can understand what there tag/username says.

Question: What does everyone think, What if we got rid of all the crews and the tags, do you believe that we could make CB Radio Chat a better place? Everyone could hang out and not worry about dealing with all the drama and the childish acts. Come on now, we need to all to learn to grow up and put all of this behind us and just be one big family so we can start having more people come join us to have fun and to make friends. I know what I am asking isn’t too much but if we all actually tried to be a better person we can make CB Radio Chat a better place for all of us to have fun and to enjoy each others company.

12 Responses to “PlayFulFriend Shares Their Thoughts On Some Channel Dynamics”

  1. carmen mcdougall

    Fair dinkum. Who is this clown? If we all ‘tried to be better people’ blah blah blah…. get a grip. Don’t try to appeal to our consciences coz the majority of us don’t have one. If you wanna turn CB Radio Chat into an arty-farty, tree-huggin, jay hippy feel-good commune than maybe you should go form a ‘Christ is Coming’ Sunday Book Club with Biker-7 as your leader. I’m guessin you’ve decided to use this blog as a platform to launch some of your ideas coz you would be verbally annihilated if you were to come out and air them on the app. Stop trying to save the unsaved and get a fat one up ya.

  2. PlayFulFriend

    Look when are you ever going to grow up and face the facts. In some point of life your not always going to get whats coming to you unless you make the right choices in life and not the wrong ones. I can understand that we all have our good and bad times on cb radio chat but when are you all ever going to grow up and just end it already, Cb radio chat should be a place where everyone should have fun and make new friends and not have to deal with all the drama and hate with each other. Look you all can leave all the bad comments you want but ask yourself this is it really worth it or not.Look iam just trying to get a point out to everyone that we shouldnt take all this seriously. We should all just be friends and get to know each other more and be one big happy family.

    • carmen mcdougall

      Aahh that was beautiful, I think I’m about to shed a tear…….not. Whilst you’ve tried pathetically to claim the moral high ground in your ‘love is all around us’ blog I think you’ve missed my point entirely. A lot of what goes on is done in jest and most of the comments are made with ‘tongue in cheek’. I’ve never heard anyone ask to be taken seriously. So lighten up, lay off the pot coz its sending you doughy and stop action like my mom. Seriously 🙂

  3. Slammer

    Will you be my friend? hahahaha. Go cry in a corner somewhere. OMG. how old are you ? this is the internet not some circle jerk playground. go cry on someone elses shoulder


    As long as you have pepole you’ll have drama. Makes it interesting, but their should be a line, I,’ve had a mate on the app who was threaten to be shot, that sort of stuff should be stamped out, more regulating is needed.


    Yes we should be able to persinalize our handles. certain channels have certin flows their is other channels besides the main ones..the fact of the matter is mojority does rule on the app,,without the pepole their is no app. More Regulating!!!!

  6. graves

    crews are lame . bunch of grown bass people trying to play gansta. half of these people belong on the shortbus licking windows ,making sure their helmets are on tight. really, you have to be a mindless fuktard to lt someone give you orders. as far as drama, goes as long as there’s dipcraps theres gonna be someone to call them out. there is interesting conversations going on in some of the channels ., but not much. drama,e-harmony rejects, and lame crew battles. don’t take it so serious. its not real life. you can always turn this crap off or delete it.

    • PlayFulFriend

      Well said that’s what i was trying to get at but nobody understand that its just a chat nobody has the power to do anything but to use the red x and abuse button. These crews are starting to get out of control because they think they own and run the channel when they really don’t. CB radio chat is a free and unmoderated chat everyone is welcome to join and do as they see fit. See what you all are not understanding is that you all take this app and crew stuff way to seriously and you really do and its sad. When are you all going to learn to grow up for a chance and get off the app and go live your life for a change like seriously unstall the app and go outside and live your life because your all wasting it all on a stupid app. Ive moved on with my life ive unstalled everything on my phone and started from scratch.Look i can understand you all don’t wanna hear the truth because the truth hurts but its what it is and you have to learn from it.