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The past couple weeks have been sensational on CB Radio Chat’s infamous channel 1. Lets do a quick and dirty run down in what has occurred.

It was said that the character Public undergoes yet another CB Fallout Patrick Woolhouses Millbanks Australia. Nothing new under the sun wherein the irony is this CB fallout derived from a fall out with long time alliance American Guvnor. For this reason the below text has been strikedout, there is no denying that since then, PUBLIC has completely transformed into one of EN CH1’s Power talkers. An Australian source that requested to be kept anonymous stated “The only reason Public continues to make it into any sort of limelight is because he rides on the coat tails of others. First it was the fall out between Lushy over Kitty. Later he rides the coat tails of American Govnor.”Later Apologies were made to the American Guvnor that were not accepted.


UK Crime Stoppers CB Radio Chat
Lushy was Doxed. This Doxing included full name, a supposed address & his secondary mobile telephone. As time goes on we see that this is really just a war between the North & South of the UK.
Through all of this, it is interesting enough to state, we begin to witness textbook examples in what CyberBullying really is last week. Key players in this Lushy fiasco/banter are; Davy Jones, American Govnor & Public. Key hecklers include Popeye, Ding Dong Brown Jenkins & a slew of Northerner randoms.


ref:Statistics on UK cyberbullying

Lushy fights back & vows for full blown retribution. Calling it “This is End Game-Final Destination”. Lushy could be heard frequently on the channel this week. Some users said this is “a modified version of a meltdown and Lushy is paranoid over all of this. I dont call this Lushy camping out on the channel a meltdown but he appears to be maintaining a sort of “Reputation Management”. Its also interesting to hash this out further that Lushy’s retaliation tactics do not involve the police he stated. Davy Jone’s tactics on the other hand, include the involvement of law enforcement & the public awareness of the resources available to individuals to report crime or suspicious activities. Long time seaman, coal miner & thought leader in vaporizers, Davy Jones cued in and stated “This is the perfect storm”. What that translates as is up to the listener.


ref: Report Crime, Cyberbullying & Antisocialistic behaviour in the UK

public Pat millbanks cb radio chatJust as the seas of channel 1 began to settle and the sun began to rise on the eastern seaboard of North America. A CB sniper was busy throughout the night. Why do I say that? Well Infamous Aussie born and raised user Public, undergoes a partial Doxing on Saturday UTC time. Credit goes to American Govnor on this one, scoring “one for the team” by providing his newly patented “AMG Doxing Services” executing a partial Dox on Public. Does this mean that we can now expect Public to camp the channel for reputation management purposes?
Its amazing to think about of this noise that comes from this simple voice chat application. But it is not the app that can take credit, it is the community. What a community that resides in Channel 1.

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  1. CB listener

    The character public know as Patrick millbanks from south Australia strikes again this time he targets a innocent disabled chat user by the name kingtone who would never harm anyone it is said & been seen that public now has hacking abilities he has exposed kingtones whole family & caused mayhem upon them sending death threats to his family also putting his mums photo with her real details out on the Internet putting her in danger kingtone has not yet got to the law but we can see it coming putting this public character behind bars is all that’s really left to do he is a known criminal it’s only a matter of time before he destroys another persons life he is a very dangerous person in the real world avoid him at all costs you could be next.

    • Hema

      We are well aware of the CB user that has also doxed us by the take over of our email address [email protected] we assure as plugmind moderators we know who this person is action will be taken its just going to take a while we are a polish based company & do apologize for everyone that has been affected by this offender we know there has been a few best regards Hema from please do not hesitate to contact us with any further details on anyone who has breached our terms & conditions.


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