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Red X 'em

If you have spent any time on CB Radio Chat, then you are probaly well aware of the block feature known as “The Red X”. There are problem 100 different reasons in why a CB Radio Chat user would make use of this well known “Red X” or “Block” feature on the app. Why Do you use the Red X or simply stated, why do you put somebody on the Red X? When do you block somebody, so you cannot hear them nor can they hear you? Perhaps a reason is not listed in the poll below. Feel free to use the comment section to discuss! And special thanks in advance for the vote. Hope to use of this data for a future post. Cheers!

cb radio chat red x poll

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5 Responses to “To Red X or Not To Red X?”

  1. Mister Core

    I red x all the kids pretty much all the time. Also the NPCs…NON PRODUCTIVE F**TARDS. If you cant evolve your crap talking…X!!!! Oh and the people who say “Its your boy/girl” X!!!!!! And if your eating your mic on your phone (American Spirit Syndrome) X!!!!!!

  2. Miss.HeatherHate

    Yeah sometimes I just really wish my phone was a d*ck…so I could meet some of these motherfudgeers and give them the most marvelous mushroom stamping one could even fathom! Bahahaha.


    One of the most ANNOYING’est M0THER F*** S on CBRadioChat EXPOSED by TIMBO !!!…”BIG DADDY” (the cause of many migraines) … IS AKA “Just A Normal Guy” (outta Mbbass)…


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