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It has been verified that the Redline crew has split & gone their separate ways. The Redline crew is a well known crew on CB Radio Chat and at one time boasted a crew member population of well over 50 members (unverified source).


Papa Bear, who was considered the owner of the crew, was unavailable to comment on the reasoning or circumstances of the disassociation but there is a chatter among the channels of a possible power struggles and disagreement between crew members in the structuring and attitude of the crew.

Any further information on the matter is welcomed in the comment area and please refrain from the use of profanity as Google has given 2 of 3 warnings of banning it’s adsense account. Adsense pays for part of the hosting cost of the website. 

4 Responses to “Redline Crew Divorces & Goes Their Separate Ways”

  1. graves

    i left because of too many people. i wasn’t even going to join a crew but after getting to know some of the people i took a tag. that and a mutual dislike for caddilac kid and his retard squad.but it just got too time consuming and dull.too many newbs were allowed in and some of them were as slow as johnny jackson. i removed my tag but still remain freindly with most of them. but no one dictates how i conduct myself on c.b. and the new redline remains to be a group of dribbilling half wit mongloids that compare themselves to mlk and che.

    • Mobile 314

      Thanks for chiming in and filling us in about that. In my mind that is quite a shock. I had heard word that Redline has been reestablished. can you confirm this? Thanks for commenting!


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