Founded in the Spring of 2012

cb radio chat the redneck crew

Officer Line Up:

Founder:  DoubleBarrel

Owner:   Painkiller

President: County Mofo

Vice President: Scavenger

First Lady: Ruthless

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About the R3DN3CK CR3W of Ch. 26

via ~SwtTxLdy~

r3dn3ck cr3wThe R3DN3CK CR3W of Ch. 26 on CB Radio Chat is a great bunch of people to talk to. We are an entertaining mix of welcoming, comedic, and strong willed individuals. We love to cut loose, joke around and have good conversations consisting of any range of topics from our daily lives. Music, however, is one of the hottest topics in our channel thanks to a few very talented and unique individuals that frequent the channel on nearly a daily basis.


On occasion there is a problem with trollers coming into the channel with an ill-informed notion of what a REDNECK is. Due to this, some people will come into the channel brandishing racial slurs and insults, not only in a verbal form, but as their handle/tag names as well. When this happens, generally those people are given a warning and informed that racism is not tolerated amoungst the crew members and definately not tolerated by trollers/visitors. If for any reason it does not stop then a block/RED X is administerd by the crew members. Malicious actions will not be tolerated by others and R3DN3CK CR3W members will stand their ground when enforcing this rule. So please, just come in and be respectful and treat people with dignity and respect and you will recieve the same in return.


You don’t have to be from the south to be welcomed into channel 26 with some some good old fashioned southern hospitality. All that is asked is when you come in waive four fingers and a thumb at everyone, introduce yourself to everyone and most importantly be respectful. So come on in, grab yourself a mason jar of southern style sweet tea, and enjoy the fun loving atmosphere. If you have any sincere questions about how things are done, don’t be afraid to ask someone in the crew.


As a one of the newest members of the R3DN3CK CR3W (at this date in time) I would just like to say that this group of people are awesome. I have a great time with chatting it up with them. There’s tons of laughter and great conversations that occur on a daily basis in this channel. I was welcomed in with open arms and treated like one of the family. There’s DoubleBarrel & the DIStruction Duo (as I like to call them) -BigCountry & Crazy C.-  that keep me constantly laughing. There’s RebelBitch and PainKiller, who are so sweet and makes everyone feel warm and welcome whether you are a crew member or not. There’s even a clown that with every YYYYOOOO! makes me smile and forget my fear of makeup wearing circus folks lol… There are so many other great people in this crew and could go on forever naming each one, but as a whole, I just want to tell you all that you are awesome people and I am so happy to have been able to talk to ya’ll. via ~SwtTxLdy~

Check out the RNC Subforum on the CBRC Forums (link)

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